FP3, NFC, FreeStyle Libre, Root

Hello Folks,

I tried to use FreeStyle Libre application, but it crash every time. I now that the FP2 does not have a NFC chip, but the FP3+ as one.

NFC is activated on my phone.

Did some one succeeded to use this app?
I will contact Abbott to.

Thanks for you help

You might want to check the Play Store reviews for FreeStyle LibreLink

FreeStyle LibreLink - DE – Apps bei Google Play

to see if your issue has been already addressed there. Finger crossed!

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Is your device rooted?
They seem to not support out l rooted devices any longer… Reasoning unknown, and no message, just crashing (how primitive…)
When on magisk, hide su and the manager itself. This seems to work atm


Hello @teezeh,

You’re right. I saw on the french reviews some one who install the previous version of the APK on is FP3. Thanks for the advice.

Hi @lklaus,

Yes, my FP3 is rooted. I try to hide su on Magisk Manager but without success. But I did not hide the manager too. I will check immediately.

Thanks for you advice.

I added Root to the topic title to describe the issue more precisely.
That we are talking about a rooted phone is a significant detail when it comes to perhaps solving this.

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Hey \o/

I did saw before How to mask Magisk Manager into Manager.

I did it and the FreeStyle Libre works \o/.

You make my day.

Many thanks to you.


Glad to hear that it works.

OT: I’m always astonished that companies support apps from, like, kitkat on, but freak out on a rooted phone. In my opinion a consciously rooted phone will often be way more secure than an unpatched phone with a clueless/helpless owner. At least they could state the fact (in both cases) and offer a “continue at own risk”)


Some do (e.g Zoom).    

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