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Following this thread I am somehow wondering if the user - let’s call her @paulakreuzer for now is aware of what’s front and what’s back of the device in terms of usage.
But looking closer at the paintings does reveal that the difference seems to be quite clear to the user. Usage in the predetermined way would not result in such beautiful creations.
It’s a funny paradox. :+1:


According to this that’s a tricky one…
In therms of Fixing things, what’s the reverse order or action when having done some melting glue with a heat source?

To reassemble should I then use some cooling spray for the reverse step? :rofl:


Once again the narrow minded exhaust strike:

As I am not into this whateverGo issue I can only recommend to chose the most convenient and by many experienced folks thoroughly tested way of “catching Pokemon” just as any other moving species. All they have in use is:

  1. A (veeeery long) rope
  2. SKILLS :rofl:

No electricity involved -> most eco friendly entertainment!


Hope you don’t use the same technique on girls (or guys). :wink:


It was spam, so it’s already removed, but somebody just asked “How to connect the fairphone with the windows” -> duct tape of course!


For sure! :grinning:
Just in case, I then would have to be prepared for either a swinging slap or a noticeable punch.
But imagine - depending on the rope’s length and target visibility, the loop at the end of the rope would keep…an alligator??#!* :laughing:
This scenario would only be funny for the others around to watch…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and also see both of our face expressions when meeting…:rofl:
So this is where digital hunting has it’s benefit again.


Oh no! My phone got wet! :exploding_head::dizzy_face:


Phew! :relieved: Luckily the Fairphone 2 is modular so its molecules can be disassembled and the water can be thermically separated (dried).

@Stanzi Are you so bored in your chemistry classes? :wink:




To me this looks like an incomplete and false stoichiometric equation…

…Morpheus, he`s not ready yet - he needs more exercise :wink:


Bless you! :smile:


For all who don’t know what to do, if there’s no clue…

The proper way of answering if there’s no question. :laughing:

Another proof that all are welcome here and if it’s just to express oneself.


Im September 1015 stolperte ich über eine Meldung, dass die Firma Fairphone ein neues jetzt wirklich faires Gerät produzieren wolle.

Fairphone and its rich history spanning over a whole millenium. :joy: Bas van Faircastle rescuing damsel Bibi from the iDragon and the ruthless myrmidons of Fort Samsunghausen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (please continue this jolly good story)

Leaving a movement

Who knows the story best…

is this true…


or was it this…


If there is anyone in needs for an excellent lector…please show some heart.

I think this puts the entire story into a hoax state. :grin:


Spotted something just now for the German speaking community …

… and no, it’s not photoshopped, even the squashed first avatar isn’t :wink: .


I found fake news about the FP3:

According to this article the FP3 will be the best smartphone ever - at least if you have the same requirements as this self-proclaimed " veteran tech blogger".

New FP2 user - various questions

“modular smartphone”
“battery being a non-removable Li-Ion”
They are even too incompetent to get their own fake news correct :joy:

“This has attracted everyone’s notice and has fetched the tech giant a considerable appreciation.”

World domination for Fairphone in three easy steps

According to this topic

Maybe this is a cure for some users:

A simple logic of mine - who knows if this will help at the end though…smiley

From the electrical POV:

electric motor <-> generator, same principle but working in both directions.

Same here speaker <-> microphone

You may get any speaker thorn apart by cranking up the volume too much or assure your microphone starts crackling when keeping your tone too loud by yelling at your respondent.
For the later be aware to keep calm, polite, friendly and get rid of any contact which may drive you into rage.
Works just perfect for me. I am still with my 1st micro of a first batch FP2.

Btw. sometimes getting ones hearing checked surprisingly often reveals that it’s about to be lost. Then it’s not the respondents mic to be blamed.

This advice is provided totally free of charge - any modification should mention me for credits

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An A.I. Cat generator
not as smooth as this
but hey, it does cats!