Let's build AOSP! But how?

I’ll go straight to the point, I don’t need a ROM (like the one developed by the /e/ foundation or even Fairphone OS) where others decide what i need. With this statement I’m not saying that I don’t trust other developers, but I think that there is a need to provide an official guide (like the one maintained by Sony for some of their devices) to build Android and the kernel (if possible even the mainline Linux kernel) for every Fairphone product.


Flashing an AOSP GSI might not get you exactly what you want but this could be the easiest way. I am not talking about AOSP based GSIs but about plain AOSP.

@anon2659945 have you already checked this?FP2: Android 9 public source release

With this, you must be able to build latest FP Open based on Pie for FP2.

Let me know if you need any help on this.


Maybe this is just an example, but are you sure that phhusson in the “How to build” section isn’t suggesting that his/her GSIs are based on LineageOS?
Thanks for your reply!

Thank you for the link, but if I’m buying a Fairphone I would like to be able to build Android for the latest model.

Is it possible to follow the main AOSP guide using this as binary blobs?
I’m aware that in the “Source Code” page linked above they say that the build instructions are in a work in progress state, but I’m afraid that the guide will turn out to be a “Fairphone OS build” guide like the current one.

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