LeOS - a PHH AOSP based GSI custom ROM

The problem is not the GSI ( he is using it). His problem is, that I have removed him from my LeOS telegram group. Now he is sad, and wants to take revenge. It’s a personal thing, not a technical.

You’ll like Betterbird – Thunderbird made better by an ex-employee.

Actually quite good, all I miss is auto-updating.

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Quick note for MyPhoneExplorer users … Betterbird support in MyPhoneExplorer is coming, it seems.

Betterbird uses the Thunderbird profile folders.
:point_up: You can run TB and BB alternately, they use the same data. Or pick TB for im/ex-porting, and BB for work.

Edit: Is there something like MyPhoneExplorer for Macs? Would save me a virtual windows machine for merely moving data.

Yes, but MyPhoneExplorer couldn’t sync with it nonetheless (I tried) before the recent adjustment by the MyPhoneExplorer developer.

Possible, but not ideal at all and thankfully not necessary for much longer.

I haven’t seen anything of the sort, but I’m not in the know on Macs.

Maybe MPE keeps a list of compatible apps and doesn’t analyze the data?
Anyway, it will be moot soon (wish I could say that more often… :slight_smile: )