LeOS - a PHH AOSP based GSI custom ROM

The problem is not the GSI ( he is using it). His problem is, that I have removed him from my LeOS telegram group. Now he is sad, and wants to take revenge. It’s a personal thing, not a technical.

You’ll like Betterbird – Thunderbird made better by an ex-employee.

Actually quite good, all I miss is auto-updating.

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Quick note for MyPhoneExplorer users … Betterbird support in MyPhoneExplorer is coming, it seems.

Betterbird uses the Thunderbird profile folders.
:point_up: You can run TB and BB alternately, they use the same data. Or pick TB for im/ex-porting, and BB for work.

Edit: Is there something like MyPhoneExplorer for Macs? Would save me a virtual windows machine for merely moving data.

Yes, but MyPhoneExplorer couldn’t sync with it nonetheless (I tried) before the recent adjustment by the MyPhoneExplorer developer.

Possible, but not ideal at all and thankfully not necessary for much longer.

I haven’t seen anything of the sort, but I’m not in the know on Macs.

Maybe MPE keeps a list of compatible apps and doesn’t analyze the data?
Anyway, it will be moot soon (wish I could say that more often… :slight_smile: )


A user recently asked me to include the LeOS Phone app into my OS.
I assumed at first it’d just be a fork of Koler or something, but as I dug deeper into your scattered sources, I found it was this proprietary tracker ridden app:

Since your published sources are from September of 2022, five months outdated, can you confirm if this questionable app is still included in your latest builds? Maybe remove it if so.

Can you also start publishing your sources more frequently or pushing to a git repo instead of the occasional compressed zips?
You had started last time I asked: Who ships F-Droid? (ROMs, repos, forks, etc.) - #20 by SkewedZeppelin - F-Droid Forum

Kind regards.


Bit OT:
May I ask you why?
What’s wrong/bad with the LOS original dialer?
I see suspicious request of it in privacy dashboard that dialer is using phone without doing a call
After changing to simple dialer from kaputa and deactivating LOS dialer no requests any more.
I tried to find something in www but no luck, so hoping you know something more. thx

If you have had a look into the original playstore apk, you are right. It has trackers. The LeOS Dialer is a different apk and only available with LeOS.

So you are binary patching that proprietary app and redistributing it?

The Lineage dialer is just the AOSP one with some small additions, there is nothing wrong with it.
Phone permission is wide spanning and covers many aspects, the AOSP dialer has many special features that others cannot integrate with such as carrier video calling and visual voicemail handling.

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I have written several mails to the app developer and never have gotten an answer.
And no answer = OK
that’s why I decided to go this way.
And that’'s why it’s only available with LeOS.

On the other hand, the trackers require Google Services and thus would not become active on LeOS anyway.

That’s not how copyright works, at all.
You can’t just start distributing a proprietary app, let alone modify it.

If you don’t have permission, what you are doing is completely illegal and violates the license that software is under.


There are no copyrights to find for the app. Or can you point me to it?

I have informed to developer. He has not send me a disagreement. So I think it will be ok. If the dev will give me a no go, I will stop using it. No problem

If you don’t find a license / copyright info for something it isn’t necessarily public domain, quite the opposite.

The license is here by the way, straight on their website. You are lucky in this case, if you didn’t modify it, they actually allow you to distribute it:

4.3. Reproduction of the Application

The User may reproduce the Application, copies of which are distributed by the Rightholder, for non-commercial purposes at no cost on the Mobile Devices provided that no modifications are made in the combination, composition and content of the Application as compared with the way it is provided and / or recommended for use by the Rightholder.

4.4. Distribution of the Application

The User may distribute the Application by delivering copies thereof reproduced in accordance with paragraph 4.3 of this Agreement, for non-commercial purposes at no cost and with respect for their integrity unless otherwise provided for by a written permission of the Rightholder.

If you have modified it, you are in violation of the license agreement, and I’d suggest you remove it from your ROM.


Today I have remoddled a FOSS phone app for my GSIs. So LeOS (True) phone is history.
My trainee used to say:
Those who can read really have the advantage :wink: