LeOS - a PHH AOSP based GSI custom ROM

Hi Community and @harvey186 :slight_smile:

recently I have finally installed /e/OS on my FP4, having my previous FP2 with /e/OS as a backup in this “transition phase”.

But I want to give LeOS a chance. It is based on the latest version of Android, if I understand this right: »LeOS-S is based on PHH AOSP / latest version«.

At least the installation seems to be easy, too – even for me ;-):

Accordingly, my question: has anybody experiences using this combination or just using LeOS?
… or what would be your answer/opinion, @harvey186 ? :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Yes, cool
Try it
Share your experience here
No risk no fun

that’s the first time I’m hearing about it, and it looks like someone’s personal project. there’s not much information about what does it do better or worse than other ROMs available or why you should pick it over the others, I wouldn’t bother with it.

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All I can say is that @harvey186 used to be an active member of the /e/OS community but left after disagreements of what the /e/OS team was doing.

While I am personally not quite sure what the added benefit of LeOS is over LineageOS for microG I don’t see any hurt in trying it. Just make sure to back up your data before you take the plunge so you don’t lose anything important if it turns out to not be for you :slight_smile:


What do you mean with “yes, cool”…? You don’t have experiences with it, do you?

… I don’t remember exactly – maybe heard about it more than 1.5 years ago when I was looking for an alternative OS for my FP2, which was not running smoothly anymore. I first installed FP Open, then discovered and installed /e/OS.
But since I can still use the FP2 and at the moment parallel to my FP4 (same apps, but newer version of /e/OS), I might give it a try – LeOS with Android 12 instead of /e/ with v11.

No, I have no experience with it and will never get, because I do not want to have a GSI image on my phone at least there is one other native left.

But it’s cool to see that there are more and more custom ROMs available for FP4.


Ah, thanks for the history lesson ;-), I did not really know that anymore.
In former times as a user of Telegram I was in the /e/OS group, in which @harvey186 was active – before he left it.

PS: Maybe interesting, this interview about this OS with “Guntram”:

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ah, so that’s why the website says it’s called “Leaving eOS”. so someone just threw a fit, took their toys and went home to play on their own.

That’s your interpretation. I never really understood the details of the disagreement, but I personally like it when people actually go and do what they think is better instead, like most users, just complain about things they don’t like without caring to put in any effort to improve a situation.


when the first thing on the project website’s is explaining that the name comes from “leaving X”, it’s difficult for me to interpret it in any other way.

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thx for the link. Interesting interview. Especially his statements about /e/ confirm my opinion :wink:

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I like such kind of jokes :wink:


We have several FP4 and FP3 (+) users in our group. They all are very happy with LeOS-S ( full ungoogled Android12 ) on there devices and about the great, fast support in Telegram or Matrix group or on XDA, and about the fast security updates.
LeOS is small, fast, modern and has a great batterie consumption.


Does leos require an account or anything? What appstore does it use? My main problem is that /e/ in my research forces you to use an account with them and then forces you to use their cloud service. Yeah so much for privacy :roll_eyes:. Also what we really need is a crossplatform blockchain sync software like the blockchain settings sync in brave browser instead of the “privacy” cloud :roll_eyes: stuff.

Don’t know anything about LeOS, but you must not set-up an e-account, you can perfectly use it without this

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LOS, LOS4mg, iodé no account is required and will not be asked for during setup process.

You can setup your own sync infrastructure, like nextcloud, Brave sync, syncthing or whatever.

I think in your case you should have a look to syncthing. A free and decentralized sync tool.
Maybe this will fits your requirements as its best

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But you could use all this with e/OS as well, or?

Sure, why not. But, as I said, the Update and fork philosophy is not in my interest.
So, if I fix the system to my requirements means I have to deinstall all the fork apps, delete the /e/ account stuff and so on.
A lot of work to have then a iodéOS left :wink:
But an outdated one

For sure e/OS is not a good system for everyone and one can use what fits best, just wanted to point out, that there is no need to set up an account with e/OS to use it and if you don’t do, there are other options to back up. Using FPOS does not mean you must use an Google account and back up in this account neither.

yes, sure.
It’s all a question of personal taste and trust.
A system with all the apps but without an account is still a horror for many (and me too).
They are just there and can call home, even if there is no personalized account behind it.
Telemetry data can still be derived and used.
That should be clear to everyone.

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