Left and Right Side of the Screen doesnt work,System UI crashing etc


i got a few problems:

The biggest one is that the left and right side of the Display dont react to touch and some little parts too.In the picture you can see how far i can get.And i got the Crazy touch inputs too. I tried the Settings > Accessibility thing but it doesnt helped.

My fairphone is getting very hot if i playing a game, is this normal?

The ‘‘System UI’’ is sometimes crashing, ‘‘System UI stopped working’’.

I searched in the forum for the display/touch issue but can’t find something helpful. Should i contact the support?

Thanks for the answers.

Have you tried dissembling the phone and cleaning the contacts of the display?

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The touchscreen issue is discussed here;

So if disassembling and cleaning the contacts doesn’t help, it’s most probably a hardware failure and you’ll need to contact support and ask for a display exchange.


Thanks guys, i cleaned the most contacts of any Part of the phone with my glasses cloth and it helped alot. The left side is now working and the phone is getting not that hot and the whole day no System UI crash. But it is still not that good it should be. Have you guys suggestions how to clean the contacts professional clean, not only with a glasses cloth? Maybe if i clean the contacts that good the right side begins to work too.

I would suggest some alcohol and a microfibre cloth…

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