Fairphone closes everything

My Fairphone 2 turns out randomly.
I’ve already read about that problem and hope It’ll be fixed soon.

BUT my phone also randomly shuts down apps and its system (“System UI wurde beendet”)… Most of the apps it closes are google apps (Chrome, Maps,…). And Maps doesn’t work at all. I can’t use it for more than maybe 5 minutes and then the phone shuts down again.

Then the display does not turn on again after calls so if people don’t end calls, I’m forced to take out the battery to fix it again…

Could be a result of poor connections between the modules:

Have you tried re-calibrating the proximity sensor?
Instructions and other tips about what could be wrong are in this Fairphone Support article:
Screen stays black after a call (problem with proximity sensor)

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Yes, I tried… Actually nothing happened when I tried those tips…

Yes, the same error occurs… But my display works well since I replaced my old one (I broke it…)

And if the modules don’t work together properly, how can I fix it?

And what could be the cause of shutting down so many apps - they are all Google apps…?

Yes, I’ve already read that one… Nothing happened

In the topic I linked to, someone solved it by just taking the screen off and putting it back on again. It doesn’t work for everybody, though.
If the problem persists (especially the very frequent system UI crashes), it’s best to contact support. They’ll probably recommend a factory reset at some point, so make sure that you have backups from which you can recover your data.


I’ve already done a factory reset by myself, that didn’t help :frowning: that’s why I’m very out of everything…

If Fairphone support can’t solve it from a distance (for example because they think it could be a hardware problem), they’ll arrange for the phone to be picked up so their repairs partner can check it out and/or replace the phone. So your best option is filing a support ticket (or calling them) if you haven done so already.

Okay, thank you very much!!

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