LED shines through from certain angle

Hi all,

when I first charged my new Fairphone 2 I noticed that the LED light shines through (like a rising moon) when looking at it from a certain angle.

Is this normal? Or is this a manufacturing defect?

Thanks in advance

I guess you are talking about the rising-moon-like thing we see where the front facing camera is and not about the corner of the screen? In which case: Yes that is perfectly normal.


Thanks for the fast answer!

Yes, I´m talking about the rising moon :wink: The other thing is the foil (?) I didn´t peel off yet. Doesn´t the LED interfere with the front facing camera? I can´t come up with a good example but let´s say you are getting some notification while taking a picture :smiley:

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That’s an interesting concern.
I never tested it but I guess the led may be disabled while the camera is on…

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Front camera is located at the right side, not left. I have it hardware-blocked by a moving-eye sticker.
At the left side, you see the LED and the proximity and light sensor.

I guess the ambiguity cames from the pic, which was taken with the phone turned 90° clockwise


Opps of course.
In that case the worst thing that can happen is the adaptive brightness may misbehave during an “ongoing notification” (e.g. charging LED).

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I can’t test that, I have the disruptive LED notification disabled on every app I can (wish there were a global option!). But I didn’t notice any issue with the ones I can’t disable (calendar… arg).

For the calendar notifications, I installed the app “Calendar Notifications Plus” from F-Droid. With this app I was able to turn off the LED for all calendar events but I am still getting notifications in the (top) status bar. :blush:

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Oh, clever idea! Thank you, Juliane. I will test this once I my FP2 can install apps again (it currently can’t)

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Hope you’ll be able to solve this soon. :worried:

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Kind of you, Juliane. Much appreciated, :blush:

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I rotated and edited the picture to clarify.

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