LED notifications do not work

btw, I also asked support if there is some kind of API so I could implement it myself, but as expected they don’t know these technical things on that support level :slight_smile:


Support is very good in my opinion. also a thing to mention. :slight_smile:


I can’t believe they did it on purpose. I Hope they will soon fix it with an update


I can’t believe this is true. I’m considering returning the phone to the reseller (while I still can) instead of waiting for an update that may never come. This an absolute dealbreaker for me.


That is the 2nd anti-feature now, I’ve had LED notification and and FM radio on a nokia phone from 10 years ago or so. Maybe we can be glad that there is a LED at all, as it is a “feature” of many phones that it is missing.

But as we’ve learned now, it cannot be a hardware issuse. Also, realitiy is often different from official statements. So, I hope for either an official or unofficial update.

Maybe repeated audio notifications work to not miss anything. But I haven’t tried it yet (with an app or in some system settings), as this can be super annoying.

There is an app “LED blinker” on Google Play, but it doesn’t look too trustworthy to me and even has a “can drain the battery” warning in the app.


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At least for the adblocker: Blokada seems to work really fine for now (there is a small notification all the time), and does not require root. I think it even works better than “MinMinGuard” and “Adblocker Reborn” (?) I’ve used before that on my old phone (which requires Root AND Xposed).

If there was a hardware problem, I would still claim my warranty even if it is rooted (you can backup your data and un-root it then). I assume “no warranty for software related issues then, because it is not officially supported”.

I also use Firefox for Android with uBlock Origin, like in the desktop version. There is also an add-on for keeping youtube playing (in the browser) when the screen is off).



Thanks for the info, looks nice.

+1 status-notification-led not working,

it is green when i load the akku - it is off when i dont load the akku,
if a message comes in (email, sms, messengers) nothing changes.

if you do the following:

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Dial *#*#66#*#* in the same way you are entering a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears showing you three sub-menus.
  3. Select Service tests > Test Single > FlashLED Test
  4. Test the LED lights.

You can see that the leds are blinking in all kind of colours. So there is nothing “broken”, in my opinion.


That code is


@chris_R: Correct it was a copy&paste error / had to use the codetags.

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the test passes … as the status-led can show different colors (red/green/blue/off).
BUT it is still broken - because when a message comes in, the status-led ignores that…
its no HW-failure, but a Software-bug/failure…


Correct - it’s not a hardware issue. It is a software issue. The issue however is whether this is a ‘bug’ or whether it is a feature that has not been implemented. There are conflicting reports as seen above from support on this. The hope (my hope) is that the software team will implement this functionality in a future update. That said, I am rather enjoying my phone not blinking at me all the time! :smiley:


History repeating… FP2 started with the same bug :bug: and they fixed it.

Hope that it will be the same for FP3.


Today I saw a short conversation that sounded as if it becoming normal that smartphone don’t indicate notifications with a blinking LED (German only, sorry).


Got a response from official FP Support today:

[…] LED notification for Fairphone 3 is only dedicated to charging statuses. It is unfortunately not a feature to assign LED colors to notifications or other statuses. […]

This is so frustrating.
Could anyone who is concerned about this issue please make sure to let FP know?


I just noticed the problem too and it’s pretty annoying. Got my phone just a few days ago and miss this feature a lot.
And honestly I wonder what kind of business decision lead to this. All previous Fairphones had that feature and if user don’t want it it’s easy to build in the option to disable it. But why do that for all users? So I really hope the next update brings us this feature.


Maybe simple install a app with root, and all is ok? But FP doesnt want it. Void the warranty.

Using the LED only for charging is broken by desgin. If you want to support Fairphone, it is not good to talk all failures to good decisions.


Another +1 here. My old Sony Z3c had this feature, my girlfriend’s FP2 has it but the FP3 doesn’t. Oh well…