Leaving a movement

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Finally giving up and leaving too.
I’ve tried to be patient for a long time now. But, in the end it was just too much hassle.
I was really enthusiastic about the project Fairphone. I even got my wife onboard and bought a handset for her too. After a few months it just got more and more difficult to use the phones. We both had random reboots. Microphones not working. I missed half of the calls that I got, the phone just stayed silent. I have already sent back three phones because of random reboots and other issues. So I don’t believe that I was just unlucky. Now my wife is back in the Apple fold with an iPhone and I’m trying my luck with a Cat. We should get refurbished phones from Fairphone soon. I don’t have the conscience to sell them because I cannot sell a phone that most likely will fail. So I guess we’ll use them for playing music and internet radio here at home. I wish Fairphone all the best and maybe one day I’ll be back.


I bought the FP1 in 2013 and only bought the FP2 because I couldn’t use some applications with my FP1.

Since support for FP1 is over and FP2 is… a disaster…

So after 5 years of being a proud owner of a Fairphone I’m throwing a towel and I’m buying a phone that might actually work…

My FP2 suffered different comes and goes for repair, has been hard reset several times… bought new camera, several cases and still don’t have a functional phone: camera won’t focus and pictures are terrible, overheating and battery drain (YES I HAVE tried everything), imposibility to use some apps because localisation doesn’t work, shutting down and restarts on it’s own, new case cracks by itself after 2 weeks etc etc etc.

It is simply not doing its job. I used to say that I so much believe in it’s cause that it doesn’t matter… but well, sometimes it does… like when I have to use my old samsung for some applications to work (and they do even if phone is pretty old now)… Can’t be carrying two smartphones…

I’m sorry, so sorry but my disappointment has reached its limits… 5 years… I was so proud to have this phone, so proud to show it and explain everything and it breaks my heart going back but… I can’t do it anymore. I don’t even want to convince people to buy it… I’m sure I’m going to make enemies out of them…

Sorry Fairphone, sorry community… :cry:


After owning a Fairphone 2 for almost two and a half years, I finally gave up on it last week. 182 fatal crashes (random reboots) in the last year (and many more before), several hardware defects and a battery that drains faster than you can find the next outlet, was just too much to cope with any longer.
I just couldn’t stop myself from buying a new, commercial phone and to be honest, I haven’t been that happy with my phone for quite a long time… (I’ve been using it heavily all day long and the battery is still at 41%. Awesome!)

I loved the idea of Fairphone and still do. I don’t regret having bought a Fairphone although it regularly demanded a great deal of patience. I wish I could have used it longer.
You guys are doing so many things right!
I sincerely hope you keep up the good work and keep spreading the idea of fairer electronics to the world!

I’ll keep checking the website every now and then to see which way the movement will continue. Maybe I will become a Fairphoner again some time in the future.


My FP2 got stolen, while I was sleeping in a tent. Fun fact, I have very light sleep, at least in normal times.

I bought a second one. What changed my mind? Nothing. Really. I do think, nothing changed. The FP2 is still cranky, there’s a quality control issue and it’s way over-priced compared to other phones with the same tech-specs on the market. Especially when you see, there’s been no real developement in the last two year on the FP2-side an much developement on the rest of the phone-market.The hype, I think, is still bullshit, the movement idea is propaganda. But what I wanted, was a phone, with a OS of my choice. And I wanted to be able to change dead parts of the phone by myself. And, last, conflict free materials. At least some. That’s all. I could have done cheaper. But at least, I did know what I would get.

So… I don’t know, whether it was smart to buy another… We’ll see


Bye. I am fed up with Fairphone 2. I have bought it with planned obsolescence from the beginning, because it has always been broken down. It’s a pity because I trusted on ethical economy but this has been clearly a mistake. It has not to do with a single problem. Firstly the issue were the automatic restarts. Secondly it has been that the main micro has not worked. The only option that I had was to buy online a screwdriver (that no one told me about before that moment that was necessary) and I was redundant and had no money. Now I work but I do not have a definitive postal address.
I will not create any campaign against Fairphone because it hurts to me so much to admit that my choice was not correct that it could cause me a big state of sadness, but I will not make any campaign to promote Fairphone purchases either.
I hope that you launch a Fairphone 3 with a bomb-proof warranty to reconsider sometime my position. Meanwhile this is the worst cellphone I have ever bought.



After innumerable headaches, 2 fairphones, random restarts, proximity sensor NEVER working properly, phone cutting off calls, abysmal support, touch screen failing when trying to answer calls, alarms not going off, getting no reception when everyone else does. I could go on and on and on and on…
This has been the worst thing I’ve ever bought and by far the worst phone with the shortest life. Not very eco-friendly after all. If the solution as I’ve been told in the forums was to keep sending my phone back that would’ve taken forever as support is clearly not able to cope, I wonder why… Besides, sending the phone back meant buying another phone in the meantime, again very fair and eco-friendly. It’s shocking to see the number of issues in the forums with all kinds of ridiculous workarounds. There are almost 60k views in the forums just for the random reboot issues yet some people keep saying that all the issues are incidental and isolated! Reality check might be in order.
I’ve never wanted to like something so much and been so ABSOLUTELY DISAPPOINTED in every possible way.


…Shit happens…also with Apple, Google, etc…
If you are still looking for a modular Smartphone, check https://www.shiftphones.com/ !
But your choice, your luck !


Well, apart from how modular the shiftphone is and how easy it will be to disassemble, I - right now - would not really advise anyone to buy a new shiftphone.

Simply because I have no idea how good the phone will be. How well will the connections of the modules hold and stand the stress of time.
I wouldn’t have thougth, that a wee bit large battery frame could result in hundreds of crash-reports.
Nobody would have expected the camera or microphone of the FP2 to fail for obviously quite a lot of people.

Therefore, when pointing someone in the direction of shiftphone, I obviously would do so warning, that this will be a new product, by a small company, with a really new design. While they sure will do their best to make it a perfect phone, there’s always a higher risk, that unforeseen problems occur.
If one is not willing to take that kind of risk, better look for another phone (maybe a second-hand one).


In a way that would be the best bet - a second hand device has a proven track record (Even the big players get it wrong often enough!), you can figure out how easy/expensive repairs are, and still have lower impact on the environment. Just watch out you’re not buying stolen or mistreated devices. If you need a warranty, consider buying from a commercial dealer in second hand devices - some of the larger ones offer two year warranties on the second hand gear they sell.


Honestly, you could use the same sentence for FP2 too. :wink:


You got me.
That’s where I came from.
I thought, that’s obvious.

More elaborate:
If someone is “leaving a movement”, because of troubles with the phone, I would hardly advertise another experimental phone as a solution.


Hi, dear Fairphone,
This might be goodbye, for I can no longer deal with the issues, glitches, … I experience daily.
This may sound a little over-dramatical, but - hey - it’s autumn. Leaves are falling, there is colourful drama everywehere.
I was an early adopter. Ever since FP launched its project, I became a fond admirer, an enthusiast, telling people that there would be - finally - a fair smartphone, community supported, crowd-funded, etc. My first FP came - I was used to iPhone - and after some getting used to-time, I became a FP-lover. My first FP was stolen. I ordered an FP2. And then the things started to go south. My smartphone just does not do what it promises. I have posted different issues - from malfunctioning SD-cards to low battery in 1 hour, rebooting whenever it felt like it, a bad camera (not focussing), app that take a lot of power, slowness, … whatever. I worked around some issues, just to find them re-ocurring whenever apps were updated or the OS became more performant. And frankly, I’ve had it. I ordered a new photocamera (front and back), had to replace to mic (I like that), but the phone just does not get any better. To the contrary: latency, whenever I try to take a picture, I manage to get the exact moment after the moment I shoot (yes, I installed another camera-app, as suggested), phone rebooting, battery running low (yes, I tried everythig that was suggested on the forum), still no SD-card (someone posted a very technical work-around, I am - unfortunately - not a civil engineer), … and every day my phone’s performance seems to worsen. Like it is sick, terminal. I have pondered upon this, and told myself: you cannot abandon Fairphone - but now, I don’t know any longer. I need a reliable phone, one that does what it has to do, that lives up to its expectation. FP just does not do the trick anymore, I find this - in all honesty- very sad. I’m very much in favour of organisations that try to make or turn the world into a better place; I think I’d rather support FP’s R&D-department than buy another one.


Sorry to hear about those experiences, Sven.

What did/do you intend to do with your Fairphone?


Hi Sven, I share your opinion and thoughts. I had the same disappointing experience with my FP, plus 3 covers and 3 bottom modules (now I would actually need a 4th, after just a couple of months). The battery and screen are not stable since day one and no effective solution was ever proposed by the developer, just from other users here on the forum.
I was and still support the idea, but its realization is so poor that I honestly think it is doing more harm than good. I am changing my FP2 after a bit more than 2 years and I regret ever buying it


I really feel for you @Alberto_Gregori and @Sven_De_Potter and fully understand loosing faith and your decision to turn your back on FP.
Obviously that’s something, that should not happen, ever.

I - luckily - have experienced minor problems only; especially reboot issues, that were solved by a tiny bit of plastic adhesive added to the battery frame.
Therefore it’s a bit easier to say, that FP is not a phone like all the others.
As I see it, it’s kind of “experimental” in many ways.

  • First of all, it is a small european company managing all the business and not a big business with a certain kind of control over the factories.
  • Equally important is the fact, that the FP2 is the first modular phone. That makes 100,000 phones sold kind of an extended market test for any of the large phone companies, that are big enough to dare this kind of experiment. (Remember that “Ara” by Google was abandoned.)
  • Finally: It’s still a small team in the Netherlands that is working to solve all the problems and meet all the needs of the consumers as well as those of the business.

My conclusion would be, that the FP2 is an important product and hopefully a first step to changing the market.
I would not advise anyone who is dependent of a working smartphone to go for a Fairphone right now, as I see to big of a chance to end up with an experience like yours. Not that the majority of phones are running into that kind of troubles, just a few to many.
That the phone is not in general troublesome - in my opinion - is demonstrated by the fact, that a big reseller like memo/memolife in Germany is offering this phone since the beginning. I have some doubts that they still would sell the FP2 if lots of customers had returned their phones or complained. Customer reviews are very positive as well.

Maybe the next FP might be the one for you, as Fairphone will have learned from the experience with the FP2 for sure. Still, I would not pre-order or buy one of the first batch, if you want to play it safe. Just wait some time to find out, what experience other users are reporting.


Partially I agree with you.

Here I can clearly express my very positive experience with my No. 9601.
I never had a “need to be fixed/replaced” case, but only the unreliable 8MP camera which did not always focus properly. As I for my expectations and needs mainly bought a mobile phone and no mobile camera this was not a big issue for me.
Anyway I though it should work more reliable although it would not deliver high-class images, so I replaced it on warranty and passed on the old module to #fairphoneangels. By that time I wasn’t aware of the internal foam by the lens being the main cause for the focusing problem, otherwise I also could have fixed it without replacement.

So my overall experience with my first ever smartphone actually is quite satisfying.
Yes, I would again buy another next model, probably also of the first batch. I somehow have the impression my first batch quality seems slightly higher than later/now. #?? (considering the full product…hardware&software - the 12MP camera raises too often connection issues and the bottom modules seem to be a bit more fragile, my old Lollipop generally performs much better than todays Android 7. I can switch off each sim card and the phone by software. Will a higher security level have a positive influence on this?)

“an outdated OS with open security vulnerabilities”

I have serious doubts.

But who knows, maybe it’s my personal treatment as I usually keep many things for much longer usable than many other people I meet.

My words. FP is in business and slowly doing better. I am sure it could learn a lot
meanwhile. With each product iteration more knowledge and advancements can be put in. So reliability and longevity should increase steadily. FP is still too small for “the big leap”.


Hey Bert, thanks for your post. I will use my FP2 until it dies :wink: … curious about the FP3, still, and the German Shift-project. Cheers!



Oct '17

This is my last entry, because I have no Fairphone any more. How?

This link isn’t working any more: now the whole story is here.

Let's have some #fun!

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