Latest blog posts: single topic?

I think that posting all the blog posts in on ebig long thread prevents to have meaningful discussion about the separate blog posts.
Do you @moderators, agree that we should start a fresh thread for every new blog post?

We tried that at the beginning and found that many blog posts didn’t result in any comments. If a discussion develops, the post will be split off.

Alternative: Any thoughts about the Discus - Discourse integration? I think that automatically integrates blog posts with the meta.discourse-forum.


It is still an ongoing debate to replace disqus with discourse. I am in favour, but many others are not.

Is anybody moderating disquis comments atm?

we mostly forget… that is also an issue.

Also, I just remembered that we currently disabled the comments on the blog as Disqus was inserting ads

I find it very useful to have all the blogs in one thread. It now easy to look back if on an certain subject a blog is written.


Just in case you needed another argument to ditch disqus. :wink:

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Here are some topics about Disqus migration and Discourse embedding:

There seems to even be a script for migrating Disqus comments to Discourse posts.

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I’ve converted this into a topic, as it seems this discussion may be revisited a couple of times. I’m also deferring the flag. As there is a proper mention of moderators in the first post, you should all get a new mention notification…


I don’t quite know how I didn’t see the discussion… but for what it’s worth I think it’s good having them as one topic and breaking off as/when necessary

Oh yeah and ditch Disqus :wink:


I am happy to tell you that Disqus is removed from and we’re going to integrate Discourse in the blog as the default commenting system.

This will then result in that every new blogpost creates a new thread on the forum where people can reply to. The best like replies will be shown under the blog on

We hope this will create better discussions and provide a new way for people to find the forum and join the community.


Awesome news, glad to hear it! :wink:


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