Lack of data connectivity (3-4G network)

I just got my FP2. I have two sims installed. Both aren’t getting on the 3G or 4G network of the providers. The only way to get a workable data connectie is true wifi… How do I solve this issue?
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Are they at least in 2G network of the providers? If this is the case, please check Settings -> Wireless & networks: More -> Mobile networks. Here you find the “Preferred network type” of each SIM card. Please note: Just one can be 3G or 4G, the other must be 2G.

In Settings -> Wireless & networks: SIM cards -> Preferred SIM for: Mobile data you can choose which SIM you want to use for mobile data use (choose the one with the better network / higher speed).

Hi Amber,

This is in the Netherlands so yes we have fast networks. I have changed one
to 2G. Not noticing any differance.

Have you completely turned off the phone and then started it again?

Also, antenna trouble perhaps? …

From which operators are these SIM cards and which one do you want to use with 3G/4G? (as the phone can only use 3/4G on one SIM at a time)

Vodafone and Telfort.

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