Kia ora, are there any Fairphone users from Aotearoa, New Zealand here?

Kia ora, are there any Fairphone users from Aotearoa, New Zealand here?

I’m looking to get a Fairphone but am unsure what it is like to communicate and interact with the company, or what it is like to order from NZ. Also getting modular parts delivered and if there are any concerns. Also curious for any feedback from New Zealanders.


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You may have a look at


Though I’m in the Uk though I’d reach around, of course that would be across if the Earth was/is flat :slight_smile:

Communication with Fairphone is a little sketchy if you have problems. If you read this forum you will see frustrations over official support and numerous issues with different networks, but most people don’t get to the forum so I can imagine most users are happy enough.

Not being a walk in shop means an email, which will be acknowledged within a day or two, then a follow up asking questions, which will all be basic, (order no., latest update etc.) So if you do have a problem send as much info as possible the first time can be a couple of weeks to get the first request for more info.

Then info on the problem needs to be detailed , screenshots of the build number, what network, what apps are installed . . . . you are likely to be asked to reset the phone to factory settings ans will loose any personal data on the phone unless you have backed it up.

If you use an SD card to store personal music, images, apps etc, do not format it as internal storage as it will get wiped during a factory reset.

From the number of unofficial support on this forum there’s a fair amount of whinging, mostly justified, but as I have said before this Fairphone is meant to be more Fair to the miners and factory workers not those that can afford to buy a low spec phone and support for a hefty price.

Welcome to fair thinking.

Extra batteries cannot be sent independently without excessive costs though I did see somewhere on this forum a supplier mentioned.
All the best

Similar to Volker’s link

In the last quarter of 2018 I traveled in New Zealand both islands.
We used a Fairphone 2 and 1 with a sim card from 2Degrees.
The data clock was very useful in places where we could not use the wifi.


Did the same with a FP2 and 2°. Worked like a charm.
I offer my help in the hope of getting payed with TimTams :wink:

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