Keyboard letters not working – substituting other letters. Why?

Fairphone bought last year. Never dropped. Not much used.

Keyboard is not working properly. In portrait view letters w,s,z,e are substituted by r,d,x,r. In landscape view letters in same area of screen b etc similarly mistype. Also, quick access swipe appears but fails to link to apps, text etc buttons.

As a forum thread suggested tried reboot and restore factory settings: did not work. Also, tried reloading Google Apps as suggested. Now though cannot enter Google name and password because of keyboard problem! Now totally stuck! Cannot get to Fairphone screen.

I am not very tech so any simple suggestions as to what to do gratefully received.

Same problem, I think.
Parts of the touchscreen don’t work anymore.
Watch here for the touchscreen test, in factory mode. If you have “ghost zones” too, it seems to be an hardware issue. Waiting for a response.

Yes, I think you are right.

Following reply from Fairphone I followed the instructions to Factory Mode to test the Touch Panel in ‘FreeMode’. The central and outer most parts of the screen are fine but just inside the edge on either side is a large area where the smooth drawn line zigzags sharply. Not good. Looks like the touch screen is broken.

We had thought that warranties were for one year but the Fairphone site says six months and it is now three weeks past that. As w have hardly used it and it is only just over the period we are hoping Fairphone fix it under warranty anyway but we’ll see.

Actually it’s two years, but after the six month you will have to prove that it is not your fault, whereas before the six month period, FP would have to prove that it’s not their fault.

See this for further reference.