Keep club - Fairphone web, how to enter?

I tried to enter the “Keep club” page into “My Fairphone”, in Fairphone web, and I can’t. Impossible choose model, or enter IMEI; and into the “Keep club”, I always have 0 points, although I registered my Fairphone 4, I liked Fairphone Instagram, I recycled my Fairphone 2…

Is something wrong with this “Keep club”, or I’m doing something wrong?


I will ask Fairphone why it’s not working.


Heyyyyy hey!

Oh exciting to see you are already interested :slight_smile: super early birds… so early that we didn’t even launch it yet :joy: so that’s probably why you aren’t able to fully register. The launch should happen on the 14th. Where did you see the keep club, exactly? i couldn’t find it so it would be helpful if you can share a screenshot with me, please. It shouldn’t be out there yet…

Thanks a lot



It must’ve been live at some point. There are search engine results after all:

Discover Fairphone’s Keep Club - Join now and earn rewards for your sustainable smartphone choice. …


So I guess I’m gonna do the ‘announcement’ for you. xD

(I can confirm that signing up gives an internal server error though.)


I think yesterday it appeared too on the left menu of my profile (, but now it doesn’t.

(What does not appear in my account on the Fairphone website are the orders I have placed. I guess it’s just a matter of time, and they’re in the process of moving the database to the new website, or something like that… are you aware of this?)

Edit: I can see that yes, you’re aware.

Text shown at the bottom of My Orders page

Is an order you expect to see not shown? We are in the process of improving our webshop, and for a short period your account history may not be accurate.

I do have to say I find the name ‘keep club’ a bit cynical though, given that the most efficient way to get get more points is to buy new Fairphone products to replace your old ones. :woozy_face:

Not that it’s a special thing in an of itself. It’s just the old corporate bonus club to give you a psychological incentive to stick with the brand and buy new stuff. But that’s not exactly what I associate with the sustainable image that Fairphone wants to sell primarily.

Also funny sidenote:
While DuckDuckGo still shows Fairphone’s keep club website, on Google this thread is now the primary search result for ‘Fairphone Keep Club’. xD



Aha, I found a way!
Do I get a reward for managing to sign up before release? I didn’t get the 20 point reward I was promised for completing the first challenge (in ultra-hard-mode) though. :frowning:


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Unlisting the topic if its not intended to be out in the public.


That’s it.

Waiting for the launch. Thanks!

Hey AndreasChris!

It’s called “The Keep Club” because you get points for keeping your phone :wink: But there are many other ways of getting points: of course, one of them is buying spare parts that will allow you to keep your phone for longer. But also if you get a protective case or screen protectors to keep your phone safe (and running for longer!). So I don’t think it is the same as the old corporate bonus club - you will not see other companies awarding the longevity of their products. In fact, you will not get points for buying a new Fairphone.

Hope this clarifies it a bit better, but always good to wait for the official launch to dive a bit more into the page :wink:


Hey Mixigodo!

Yup :frowning: sadly old orders will not be migrated— not sure if this will change in the future. But for now it will stay that way

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I got an email a while ago …

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Oh, thank you! I didn’t receive that mail :confused:

I logged into my account yesterday to check the purchase date of my Fairphone 3, and then I saw that none of my orders were registered (I also bought a case and some TWS Earbuds nearly a couple years ago). Luckily I’m cautious and have a copy of the invoices, but maybe that’s not the case for other people, and it’s quite annoying not to have that information at Fairphone’s website. It would also be nice to have received some kind of notification (before, to make a backup copy of that information; or even after, as you have been notified by mail).

However, I suppose that by contacting support they will still have that information in case you need it, although it is more annoying and I imagine it may delay the management of any warranty or repair.

Thanks again for sharing that info! :slight_smile:


The Keep Club is already discussed online:

and here (no coments so far):

Both threads started by the same user; with the intention of comparing the discussions.

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Oh yeah, that was me. I wrote that right after posting the above comment about the name seeming a bit cynical to me. I sometimes try to proactively discuss potentially controversial thoughts of mine on multiple platforms to get some ‘outside’ opinions, as filter-bubbles can be quite a dangerous thing when forming one’s opinion in my experience.

It actually got quite a few interesting responses on Lemmy quite quickly, which is interesting in itself, as in my experience Tildes is the much smaller but at the same time more constructive platform when it comes to discussions imo.

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Today, Keep Club is starting to work.
But I have a question: I have recycled my Fairphone 2, a month ago. Is there a way to make it appear in the “Club”? And I have registered my Fairphone 4 warranty, some weeks ago. I suppose it will appear in its place too, correct?

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Indeed. It seems one can sign up now with a regular account - not with a Fairphone Staging one as was the case a few days ago.

As far as I can tell you need to register your Phone via your IMEI at the Keepclub menu you can reach via your Profile when logged in to the shop, or via the following link:

Interestingly you can currently sign up without ever agreeing to any terms or conditions. At least I didn’t see any link or checkbox when registering. ^^ There does exist a document titeled ’ Keep Club Terms and Conditions’ at the following page (that is provided via a link - sneakily hidden behind a ‘see more challenges’ button - in an email you receive after signing up and completing a challenge) though:

Also the challenge overview has moved to a different URL:

It seems some of the ‘challenges’ can be completed now. Although past birthdays and already registered warranties do not seem to be imported at the moment.

Also a bunch of links are still broken.

The Birthday challenge triggered now, I’m still waiting for the newsletter and the warranty one though. Also the birthday one says ‘completed’ now - so I’m not sure wether that means it’s a one-time-thing, or wether it will reopen each year. I hope it’s the latter.