Kamera Always on , dont work

I Got a Problem with my Fairphone 4 since one week.
If i start thr Kamera App, the App is Closed in one second .
Others App wont Work because the Kamera
Ist already on.
But the Kamera App dont Open.
Clean the Cache dont work.
On off of the Phone dont work.
The Problem is also in secure Mode.
The Phone ist updated actuall.

Ist this a Hardware or Software Problem?
Can Somebody Help me?

I cant start a Support Ticket.
The Ticket System Close with a fault

Hi and welcome to the community forum.

To create a support ticket, go to https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Make sure you fill in all the required fields correctly. If you’re still having problems then I would advise you either use a different device, if possible, or call +31 20 788 4400.

You could try installing a different camera app, such as Open Camera.

Which other apps are you referring to? Do they function correctly if you turn the phone off, then turn it on again and use them without trying to use the camera?

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Hi thanks for the answer.
Open camera cant Connect to the camera because ITS already in use
IT seems AS the camera ist Always in use or
The Apps cant Connect to her.

The torch also says :cant Connect to the camera because ITS in use.

Others Apps with No Connection to the camera are working.

I cant Open a Ticket because the Ticketsystem dont work at the Moment.


Sounds like this, with the difference a reboot does not help. I guess you tried multiple restarts already?

What happens if you enter *#*#2886#*#* into your dialer app to open the test menu, click on the MANU button, and select the camera test?

Also you could try iteratively removing the camera permission from apps, in order to figure out if a specific app is responsible or if its an issue embedded deeper in the system.

If that doesn’t help a look at the system logs could help us figure out the problem. Maybe some messages regarding the camera’s status appear there.

The Test says camera fail to all

I tried IT in the secure Mode and IT doesnt

If the test says camera fail for all and secure mode doesn’t work either, the issue is most probably not caused by one specific high-level app. Have you performed any major updates before this issue occurred? Or has the camera never even once displayed an image?

You could try removing and reinstalling your phone’s camera modules, in case it’s an issue with the physical connection.

Also a factory reset shouldn’t be to much of an issue for you, since you’ve only had your phone for about one week. (That’ll delete your data, so backup anything that has accumulated over the last week.)

If none of that helps you might wanna contactsupport and have them take a look at it - especially if it hasn’t worked since you got the phone. Maybe it is a bad hardware component after all.

Edit: Just reread your post. I think you meant you got your problem since one week - not the phone. Contacting support may not be a bad idea anyway. Is you Android up to date?

It might actually be a hardware issue. So definitely contact support about it.

If the camera is indeed in use by another app, you should be able to find out in Settings → Privacy → Privacy Dashboard.

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