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On my FP 2 with Open OS I use K-9 as the e-mail app. I installed K-9 through the F-Droid FOSS repository. Currently. I have 5.403 installed.

F-Droid tells me this would be the latest K-9. For some other SW needs, I also have Yalp and UpToDown as repositories. Now UpToDown tells me that a newer 5.503 would be ready.

When I go to K-9s homepage, via the Wikipedia entry of K-9, I land on


which tells me that 5.403 is still the latest version ?! I already had a topic opened about K-9 and updates, but when I google I find

to list a version 5.503. So github.com and github.io seem to disagree on the version number? How can I identify a genuine, and non-developer version? I have no problems with testing a dev version, but for a bread-and-butter-app like e-mail I want to stay on stable releases (and I want neither outdated SW with sec bugs nor “hacked” versions that only pretend to be newer, thus luring people into an installation.

Which is the true homepage of K-9?


On the GitHub page you linked to

Left of the version numbers 5.503 down to 5.500 it says “Pre-release”.
Left of the version number 5.403 it says “Latest release”.

https://k9mail.github.io/ itself links to the GitHub page at “Download”, so I would see .io as the homepage.


Ah, thanks. So I better block the update to 5.503 in UpToDown…

Each <label>.github.io subdomain belongs to the user with the name label in GitHub and the page itself is open source. So that page belongs to the user k9mail (the same group that hosts the app source code) and its source is here: https://github.com/k9mail/k9mail.github.io

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Depends if you want a stable release or a beta-release.
Even number are stable (5.4xx, 5.6xx, …) while odd numbers are beta (5.5xx, …)

EDIT : see here :

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