Firefox Klar (Focus) version question

Hopefully, this issue can be as easily resolved as my K-9 version question:

According to Mozilla homepage, Firefox Klar (Focus) has 5.2 as current release. Yet F-Droid says that 4.2 is current… This time its Yalp that offers me an update, not UpToDown…


F-Droid makes their own builds from source thus there can be a certain lag between the original developer releasing an app and F-Droid releasing an app.

… and GitHub lists 6.0 as the latest release :wink: .

Since you are bringing up F-Droid again … I think it is not so much a version question.

F-Droid only has FOSS Apps, which F-Droid builds itself from the source codes (“It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball.”).

F-Droid lagging behind with the version for a certain App may mean F-Droid simply hasn’t built the new release yet … or it could mean the App vendor added something in later versions which is against the FOSS principles of F-Droid. For instance they discontinued offering Firefox, and they don’t have Klar’s brother Focus because of more aggressive tracking in it.

If you use F-Droid for FOSS principles first, stick with F-Droid.
If you just want to have the App whatsoever, stick with whoever offers new versions first :wink: .

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Thanks. But “Klars brother Focus”? According to Mozilla, Klar is Focus, they just had to give it a new name in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, because Burda publishing house owns the trademark “Focus”…

And Klar does have a tracking problem of its own:

(in German)

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“Focus and Klar both include user tracking, but in a slightly different way:
in Focus, the tracking is opt-out
in Klar, the tracking is opt-in”

I don’t use it, so I don’t care either way :wink: .


Yeah, that’s what @AnotherElk meant, albeit with other words. Klar is Focus rebranded and with telemetry disabled by default because of German laws (I can’t find evidences anymore about this part of the sentence).

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Very interesting. As a matter of fact, today there are no stricter laws in Germany than in the rest of the European Union. Historically, Germany had been leading the way to data privacy, but with GDPR

(DSGVO in German) the EU took most of the German regulations from the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, added harsh santions, and molded it into European law.

Mozilla obscures things here:

They claim that Klar and Focus do not send tracking data to Mozilla, which seems to be correct. Firefox for Android does just that. But with Klar and Focus they do send it to a data aggregation company that does just the same and now I understand that the only difference is whether it is “default on” or “default off”…

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