JTAG / SPI interface on FP3?


Is there away to connect a hardware debugger ( JTAG / SPI ) to the FP3 ?

If so, what software/hardware tools are needed to connect it to a host computer, for example to run gdb for some bootloader debugging, or to unbrick the phone? Are the needed pins accessible on the main PCB?

Now that kernel sources are available, hacking the phone might start to be fun, but it’d be good to have a backup option if things go wrong :slight_smile:

I contacted FP support and the definite answer on this is as follows:

  1. Although there are JTAG pins/pads on the SDM632 chip, proprietary Qualcomm software is required to talk to the chip.

  2. The FP3 does not expose these JTAG pins on the motherboard, so utilizing JTAG to unbrick a phone is not possible (unless you were to unsolder the main CPU)

  3. Technical reference Sheets about the SDM632 fall under strict Qualcomm NDAs - not even Fairphone employees have access to them.

So - if your phone is bricked - JTAG is not an option :wink:


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