Jabra Move Wireless


I have my eye on this wireless headphone and I was wondering if it’d work well enough with the fairphone 1.

It says it’s compatible with a version slightly higher than then one of the FP1.

Here are its specs: http://www.jabra.com/~/media/Product%20Documentation/Jabra%20Move%20Wireless/Technical%20Specifications/Jabra%20Move_Wireless_TechnSpecs_highres.pdf?_ga=2.141150709.636793857.1513613708-24115035.1513613708

Could someone from fairphone confirm if possible?

They won’t be able to confirm that, I fear.

I think that your best chance is to upgrade to the alpha version of #macadamia (Android Kitkat 4.4.2). Bluetooth 4.0 should work there.

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