Itunes music on a fairphone

Is it possible to have all the music I have bought from itunes and everything that is in my itunes library transferred onto a Fairphone?
It’s important of my job that I can have this music on my phone.
I’ve had iphones for years but am sick of the constant updates that ruin the battery life and want to support a company that is far more ethical and builds phones to last.

Thank you in advance for your help

My iTunes knowledge is very outdated. Can you find the files on your computer? Like an “iTunes” directory or something? What file format do the files have? Then I can do some research for you. I expect it will work fine or may need converting to another format, but I prefer to be sure before saying anything.

You can also just wait a bit longer, someone who has experience with iTunes may know and post here :slight_smile:


On my Mac (runs on the older MacOS 10.11.6), all the music is in this folder:
Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music

I just need to copy this folder (or the iTunes Media folder if you have videos and podcasts etc. in it as well) to the Fairphone and that’s it. Android will automatically scan storage for media contents – depending on how big the folder is, it might take a while until everything is scanned and shows up in your Fairphone’s music app. As far as I know, Apple removed DRM from their commercial downloads years ago, so your purchased music should be included among everything else in the same folder.


Thanks for your help,
I have itunes on my pc. Can’t seem to find a folder with all the individual files in but that’s probably just me being a bit of a Luddite.
Would the same work if I just dragged them from my itunes library into the Fairphone?

On a separate note, are you guys happy with your Fairphone?

Thank you

You might be able to find the exact location of the folder(s) in the iTunes “Advanced” settings.
But perhaps dragging will work, too.

Apple has support articles on where to find your iTunes music, for example:

Back up and restore your iTunes library on your PC - Apple Support

The actual songs are in subfolders, sorted by artist. How big is your library? It might make sense to copy it to a microSD card – or even to consider a streaming service like Spotify instead.

Apple uses the AAC file format, which can be played on the FP3. The phone does not come with a default music player app, though. But you can easily find one in the Play Store or the app store that you prefer. There was a discussion about this just a couple of days ago:

New Fairphone User - Music Player Recommendations - Discuss / Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum

If you would like to use Bluetooth headphones, the FP3 has a caveat: it does not support the high-quality codec aptX (HD), see

Fairphone 3 and aptX? - Discuss / Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum

Best wishes,


I had an Ipod Touch, so I’m using Itunes on my PC.
To avoid problems, I asked Itunes to store music using MP3 format.
The folder on my PC is :
C:\Users<myfirstname>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music.

I have to copy manually the files on my Fairphone in :

On my Fairphone I’m using Vinyl Music Player. It works fine.

what is too bad is :
that now I have to copy manually the files (this is where I regret the automatic synchronisation of my Ipod) and to retrieve manually from the internet the images of the artists and the albums.

Otherwise : I’m happy with my Fairphone 3. I bought it one year ago and have no regret.

The only thing : when you want to listen music with headphone and your Fairphone has the protective bumper, you’ll be happy if your jack plug goes through the protective bumper. Lots of them are often too big. So you need to remove the protective bumper if you want to some cables.

See image via link below on my modified plug.

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