It's not easy to use market place as I can't private message as I'm a "new user"

I’ve been a forum use for a while, thought I’d read at least 30 topics. Do I also have to make 55 news ones?

Seems you’ve read 15 posts in 11 topics at the moment (at least, that’s what discourse has logged). There’s no posting requirement, reading requirements should be 30 posts spread over 10 topics, taking at least 10 minutes.


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Hi! I’m Jonas and I’m off-topicing this thread now:

I wanted to search for a Fairphone 2 on the marketplace but I can’t figure out how to write a private message to someone.

Or can I only message people after I earned badges or somethin?

Hi Jonas, welcome to the Fairphone community!

Right, you need to earn “Basic user” before you can PM. Iirc reading a few posts for >= 10 minutes should do the trick.


Cool, thanks for the explanation, will do :slight_smile: