It's 2016! Fairphone for the rest of us (outside of Europe)?

Hello Fairphone community!

Well, we’re now 1 month into 2016. Congrats to the FP team for shipping nearly 15000 FP2s and to all the lucky Europeans who have a FP :slightly_smiling:

I know everyone must be busy getting Fairphones out the door, but it has been said that in 2016 we’ll get the news about where FP will expand to next (outside of Europe). Because we’re now one month into 2016, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask if there were any updates on this topic. But because 2016 is a very LARGE time frame, and because you all must be very busy, you may not have these plans ironed out yet, but for those of us eagerly awaiting news, could you at least give us an idea when you might have some updates?

Sorry for the slight impatience, but I’m a huge fan of what you’re trying to accomplish, and I’m not sure I can contain my excitement until December (and I certainly can’t maintain my current phone until then…).

Thanks for your time,



Perhaps, @anon90052001 or @Douwe can tell you more than the community…