Issues with the Fairphone updater

My FP2 has been a real pain to update every time. I end up giving up. This afternoon I had a few minute sto try to sort it out. Driven by its continued failure to connect to data when roaming (for now reason I can fathom).
I get one of two fails on each update 1: The hanigng ‘just a moment’ which never ends. 2) The dead android robot screen of darkness. The manual update the site encoureages me to try at this point never, ever works. I’m not so good at readzing n 2pt either.
So what changed today. I have not got a clue. I just kept repeatedlytrying. What I did do that was different was I did take both the sim and SD cards out fo rthe duratin of the update.
So maybe that’s it. If you, like me are really stuck for an answer when trying to update, take the SD card out and take the sim card out and be prepared to try more than once. Then keep your fingers crossed.
I’m hoping thsi update will also sort my ongoing roaming issue. I’ll let you know when I next leave the confines of the UK in about a month.

Updater is a joke… piece of crap. Sorry guys but really. It’s main job is to download a file, put it on the root storage folder and reboot the phone on demand. That’s it ! Yet, download takes ages, the app crashes all the time, doesn’t manage resume download at all (at least doesn’t give the impression of doing it, forces Wifi usage (hey guys, many of us have unlimited data… at least give us the choice like many app do now), and is buggy. In my case, I had to try serveral times. After the download, it takes ages with “Please wait”, and nothing happen (does it test integrity ? move the file ? Would it be so hard to have a small note telling what, and a progression bar ?)

So if I understand what the job is for Updater, these are the feature it should have:

  • Check for updates
  • Propose update when available
  • Download update file (with pop up and progress bar)
  • Support Resume transfer
  • Check file integrity (with pop up and progress bar)
  • Move file to required location (with pop up and progress bar)
  • Confirm file is ready for update and propose reboot
  • Keep trace of the download so it doesn’t start from scratch everytime it is started
  • Be able to verify if update file is already available in required location before to download again !!!

Any other feature is left to your discretion, but these seem to be the minimal for such a tool in 2016.

Thank you if you can take this in account and do it better. Otherwise, really, manual update is so much easier and straight forward, when it should be the opposite. Updater should be straight forward…

If you want to make sure that Fairphone developers read this, you’ll have to contact them via support. This forum is led by the community so the actual Fairphone team doesn’t read most of the posts.

Thank you. I will forward them my message.