Issues with sound recordings

Hello @all,

I have serious problems with sound recordings on my new FP4.
(BACKGROUND I am a journalist and occasionally have to do sound recordings that are used in a professional way, so I have some experience doing this with different smartphones).
I’m sorry to put it that way but the onboard sound app of the FP4 is utter rubbish: catastrophic sample rate and no way to change that … alas, no settings at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So I tried different apps (i.e. “Audio Recorder” from gitlab or “Smart Recorder”, which is disgustingly swarming from ads -_-) and ran into other issues:

  • a very low sound recording volume (especially using 44 kHz sampling rate, in some apps independently from that)
  • sometimes cracks during recordings
  • a creepy humming sound at recording start when using a lower sampling rate than 44 kHz, making it impossible to just record something and send it away; I always have to edit the files. (EDIT the humming sound is only hearable on a hifi set, not on the phone itself)

I searched the forum for similar issues (whare I found the hint for using the “Audio Recorder” app) but did not find anything similar.

I never experienced issues like these in seven Android smartphones before (including four not top-sophisticated OnePlus models). Is there anyone with problems like that or a hint how to solve that?

Thx in advance!

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Believe it or not, but they actually improved the stock sound recorder a few updates ago. If you specify to them your exact wishes/complaints, they might further improve the quality. I also find the quality very low. It’s like using one of those very old Symbian Nokia phones that had to record with such a low sample rate because storage was an issue. That shouldn’t be an issue by today’s standards.

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