Poor Quality of Fairphone USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter

I bought a Fairphone 4 and also the Fairphone USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter.

I need the audio jack connector for various reasons.
First: Bluetooth inears do not have the sound quality I want to have. Sometimes they are good enough, but when I really want to listen to music I cannot live with the poor audio quality.
Second reason: Sometimes I take the smartphone for playback at concerts. I need audio by cable there. Same reason for some testing tasks.

So this is also the point why I am not so happy with the Fairphone adapter. The sound quality is not that good. The noisefloor is very high. There seems to be also some gating to suppress this noisefloor. This results in muted passages in songs, if they are rather silent. So there are gaps in the songs. I don’t know if this is a software issue or if it is a hardware/firmware issue of the adapter.

Is there some way make this adapter work better. Or is there an alternative for a really high quality adapter?

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You could start by checking out this list:

There is also a discussion here:

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There are a number of topics and posts that deal with clipping of input volume resulting in unsatisfactory recording ~ this occured with the FP3 without any adapter ??

However see if you can try the adapter elsewhere as my suspicions lean to the phone’s software in trying to stop input overloads.

My problem is the audio out not the audio in

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Thank, I did not find the second discussion.

I tested the adapter with my computer and again it is a real noise generator compared to the build-in audio jack.

Maybe I will look if I can buy the Anker enywhere or I will give another one a try.

I tried this adapter:

The noise floor is significantly lower.

The noise floor can still be heard if you are in a silent environment, but nothing to compare with the fairphone adapter. Probably one reason why I am more sensitive to the noise is the type pf ear phones: I often listen with Sennheiser CX300 II which have a very high sensitivity. So often I listen on the lowest volume step (i.e., silent and then pressing volume up once).
With low-sensitivity earphones the noise problem will be less pronounced.

However, the Fairphone adapter has a further disadvantage: The noise gate (probably a "feature to compensate for the very high noise floor). So silent passages are muted completely, e.g. intros, silent text passages and so on. This is not the case with the new adapter.

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I bought the usb to mini jack adapter for my fairphone 4
Nevertheless, the sound keeps on coming from the cellphone speaker; it is not redirected to usb-c

Is there any setting to put in the configuration to use the usb-c to mini-jack adapter?
Nothing seems to be recognized in the USB-C menu.

Thank you in advance

PS: I purchased the adapter on fairphone website. so I assume there is no compatibility issue.

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