Issues on apps with backgroup tasks

An interesting problem and workaround found: I often use

for geotagging photographs during a trip. Normally I start the app after syncing the digital camera’s clock and let the app work in the rucksack bag while a hiking trip for example.

The following behaviour appears for that: When I start the GPS tagging just using the app’s start button and put the phone on standby with a short top right button press, the app does not (oder very lately) collect data so many photographs resulted GPS untagged after that.

The following workaroud used: After the app’s start button, called Google Maps and just pushing the “go to the current location” button. This seems to force findig the position so the Olympus apps also collects data.

But when I push the top right button for standby the phone, then I only get GPS data at the beginning and at the end of a session. So the map function shows a straight line which results that my photographs only get very approximative geo tag informations.

The only way which seems to solve the problem: After starting a geotag session then letting Google Maps find the start position, then put Olympus in the foreground an wait(!) until the display goes to black state by itself then the Olympus app works correctly.

The Fairtiq developers also reported missing GPS data during a public transportation trip in the past. And in some support articles they also mentionned the workaround with starting Google Map first before checking in to get the correctly detected public transport station point.

Important to the OS developers (I am using the current Android 10 branch): There seems to be a difference between go to the black screen by button press and just waiting for the display idle time. So can anybody confirm such problems?

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