Issues caused by event plugin after update to v2.9.0-beta6

I’ve recently noticed two bugs when writing posts using the standard web access in Firefox.

Neither is reproducible at will. Could be systematic. See discussion below.

  • No preview is shown to the right of the composition box. It is the case right now as I write.
  • When creating an anchor using Ctrl+K the dialogue box refuses to validate, either by clicking the OK button or by pressing the Enter key.

These are both quite annoying. I rather think they have been occurring since the last upgrade on 1 July advertised by this topic.

Anyone else noticed this?


I have noticed something similar, basically all editing I want to do must be done manually, e.g. I need to actually type the brackets around URLs to create links here (marking something and then inserting the link using the editor box’s Hyperlink “button” remains without result) etc. In my case I think it’s an outdated version of Firefox – the editor window still has full functionality when I use the forum via Opera.

From all I know this might be about Javascript and yes, it started (not just with this forum) for me on 1 July, too.

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Thanks Urs. For me it’s variable, sometimes it works and sometimes not. However Firefox is up to date. I’ll try with a different browser but I’d much rather use Ffx. One acquires habits.

For the preview, if I re-open the post to edit, I (maybe always, maybe just sometimes ?) see the preview, AND the “Insert hyperlink” function works at the same time. But if this means that I have to publish posts that are only half-written … :frowning_face:

Yes, very probably a JS bug and in view of my remarks just above I suspect Discourse rather than Ffx but I’d have to do more work to substantiate that. I’ll post back if I can get any details.

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What about saving as draft instead publishing? Btw I also have issues since last update with Firefox.

Tried that, didn’t help unfortunately.

Now I come to pay more attention, the preview seems to be systematically NOT shown when writing initial post, and systematically shown when re-opening for edit.

Mary had a little lamb,
its fleece was white as snow;
and everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.

No preview.

No preview using Edge either.
The lengths I go to … !

… but shown when editing. Looks pretty systematic to me, and not just Ffx.

Additional info about “Insert hyperlink”: when initially writing, Ctrl+K (Windows) opens the dialogue but I notice that the “optional title” field is not populated with the selected text destined to anchor the link.
When editing the post, the field is populated and the dialogue can be validated.

And both problems occur only when replying to a specific post. They do not seem to happen when using the blue “Reply” button at the bottom of the topic.

Additional info, probably relevant: I have not encountered any of these issues when on the /e/ community forum – which I think runs on the Discourse default theme, not a custom theme like here. Probably a ray of hope for my antique computer. :angel:

What I also see since last update on FP and Computer is this “opening screen”

Using Firefox on my Windows 10 Computer I can also not always use list items or blockquote. No issue so far when I use my FP 3 with iode browser (think its ffx as well).

Uploading pictures also fails at first attempt, need to save draft and then it works without issues (tested only on the FP)

It might be the theme, but I’d rather think it’s the Discourse version. Every time I’ve checked the Discourse version on /e/ forum so far, they were ways behind the current version…

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Did you already check for reports on ? You might even ask there…
Which theme are you using?
Did you check if problem persists in Discourse safe mode (

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Yes I see that too. I take that to be due to some complicated CSS that’s taking a while to get applied, maybe some JS too.

Are you using “Fairphone original” or “Fairphone-new-2017” theme?


Fairphone-new-2017 (default I believe).

Just checked. I do not see either issue in safe mode. Thanks Volker!

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l’m using FP new 2017 theme. I changed it and dont have this loading screen any more

Well, don’t know if it’s good news or bad news. If it’s not reproducible in safe mode it will probably not be accepted as bug in Discourse meta.
If it can be reproduced in all themes I might open a ticket with our admins.

I’d recommend to change the theme. I’ve changed long ago as FP new 2017 always has created various major problems for me.
Anyway the admins are planning to abandon this theme sooner or later.

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Same here.

However, I still see the two issues (preview and Hyperlink) after changing theme. But they do go away in safe mode.

Ok, I’ll open a ticket with the admins.
EDIT: Ticket#922934 has been created.


An additional problem seems to be that the “quote” button does not work when you reply to any post (in this edit mode). Can you reproduce this, too?