Is there an update guide for Lineage OS?

Is there already some kind of update guide for Lineage OS? I thought we had something like this for FPOOS? I was a bit lazy the last weeks/month regarding updates and I wanted to update to the latest LOS build now. To prevent doing something wrong it was always helpful to have such step by step guide. (✏ Installing Fairphone Open OS using Fastboot (Step-by-step Guide) (outdated)) If we already have something like this just answer with the link and we can propably close this thread.

I wanted to give the encryption stuff another try and I started with my second phone to play around with this a little bit. And unfortunately I already run into a problem again. TWRP cannot decrypt for example. this seems to be resolved in a newer TWRP (v3.2.3-1, but this seems to be not yet available for the FP2 ( [side question: is the European mirror down?]) - so I probably will skip the encryption again (for now).

Current situation:

  • FP2 - LineageOS (15.1 Nightly 20181015) - currently not encrypted
  • Xposed Framework (v90-beta3 arm)
  • AddonSU (20180912)
  • F-Droid Privileged Extension
  • AFWall+
  • XPrivacy Lua

Target situation:

  • FP2 - LineageOS (15.1 latest nightly - at this moment 20181219)
  • for the rest -> see above (update the other components if updates are available)

So it would be nice if you share you update experiences. (begin with backup backup backup of course … do you use the LOS updater directly?, do you recommend to update manually? TWRP or via fastboot, etc. …)

I assume you mean install guide? This here?

An update guide would be:

  • go to Settings > System > About phone > LineageOS updates
  • click “download” besides the latest version
  • click “install” once it’s downloaded

LOS is already installed on the device (see current situation) I just asked myself if there is anything I should keep an eye on during updates (just remember some little problems under special situations with FPOOS).

If it is that simple I will just update LOS in the same way like I installed it (in this case the install guide it probably enough - yes).

I share my experiences here (currently for the microG fork, though) …


Thanks @AnotherElk. After some XMPP MUC discussions I think that TWRP is the best way to go. At least when some other packages have to be flashed (e.g. Xposed, etc. …)

For encryption it seems the only way is your workaround right now. How do you proceed with each new nightly you would like to flash? Do you go back to LOS 14.1 each time? And if yes isn’t this a bit complex and time consuming? And how do you handle your App-Data? Do you restore your apps each time?

No, encryption has only to be done once, as long as you don’t remove it afterwards by formatting the data partition.
(And now that we know the flashlight workaround for the new camera modules, I could confirm you don’t need to disassemble the camera, the flashlight workaround works for encryption, too.)

You can even wipe the data partition in TWRP without removing encryption (wiping is not formatting), so you can even use the same encrypted data partition for several different OS installs without having to encrypt again.

Ah ok, I was confused by the first line of your posts in the other thread.

So this just means that the encryption was done on 14.1, but the current situation is los nightly of 15.1 (e.g. and you just go on with the other steps and switch/update to the latest nightly e.g. 20181220)

Yes, that’s it.

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Just learned how specific stuff survives an update or not.
When you install something as system app (e.g, most probably people know this for the Privileged Extension of F-Droid as otherwise automatic app updates would not work) they will survive updates (ok normal apps survive as well when you do not wipe something), but my question at the beginning of this thread was, were I have to keep an eye on and what has to be flashed again after an update.

All kind of apps or addons, which have a script under /system/addon.d/ , will still be there and working even you flash a new nightly of your ROM.

Just checked this as I just flashed the latest nightly (currently 20181220) of LOS 15.1 via TWRP. The update went smooth and only the Xposed Framework did not work anymore.

Under /system/addon.d/ I found the following scripts:


All these addons are still there and working.

Each script has the same structure:

# /system/addon.d/<script_name>.sh
# <description>
# /system is formatted and reinstalled, then the files are restored.

. /tmp/backuptool.functions

list_files() {
cat <<EOF
<files which have to be backed up and restored ...>

case "$1" in
    list_files | while read FILE DUMMY; do
      backup_file $S/"$FILE"
    list_files | while read FILE REPLACEMENT; do
      [ -n "$REPLACEMENT" ] && R="$S/$REPLACEMENT"
      [ -f "$C/$S/$FILE" ] && restore_file $S/"$FILE" "$R"

There is probably a way to prepare XPosed to be able to survive updates as well. At least it does not have an addon sh script up to now. For now I just flashed it (Xposed sdk27 arm v90 beta3) afterwards via TWRP as well.

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