Is there a way to disable the shutter sound in the camera?

hi all,

is there a way to disable the shutter sound in the camera, without having to switch to a silent mode? i would like my camera to be quiet, without having to mute all of the phone… any (reasonable) way to achieve this?

any suggestion is greatly appreciated!


This us usually done in the app settings. To my surprise, the default camera app doesn’t seem to allow this (at least I couldn’t find such a setting).
You could search for camera apps in PlayStore and see if you can find an alternative that gives you the opportunity to turn off sound. At present I use OpenCamera and there I can do it.

The only alternative I have found is to cough loudly whilst taking pictures.


How about recording the sound of your cough and then exchanging the camera shutter sound in the system with this recording?

Joking aside, I also frantically searched for this when I first used the camera, hate it when my phone makes unnecessary sounds… But I guess we have to either live with it or use a different camera app…

In the previous forum, sb called Florian wrote this:

Install Root Browser.
With Root Explorer navigate to /System/media/audio/ui/
Look at the sound files and delete (or rename to something different) the ones you don’t want.

Worked for me, however I think you have to do this every time you update the FairphoneOS.

I’d suggest you change your camera-app from the onboard one to “Open Camera”, an open source camera where you can disable the sound and the quality and customization (my opinion) is much better.


You should be able to follow the suggestion above. If you’re not happy playing with the sound files within the system, you should instead install a camera app like Open Camera that allows you to disable the sounds.

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