Is there a waterproof case for the FP4?

What is the difference in everyday battery life between a Fairphone with 6 GB RAM compared to a Fairphone with 8 GB RAM?
I understand that the one with 8 GB RAM always has 256 GB storage.

Is there a waterproof case for the Fairphone 4?
I cannot seem to find one.
Never mind, while searching I found this comment on this Fairphone forum:

So, when using a Fairphone I’m at higher risking having to repair my phone? That sounds not right. I have never had to repair my phones, because of the cases Lifeproof supplies / sells.

No this case

doesn’t meet my demands for a smartphone case.
I want a case that really protects my phone and since the fairphone isn’t waterproof itself it should be waterproof.
Or at least be a hard case that’s proven dropproof.

Smartphones are way too expensive to repair for me for not using a dropproof case.

There’s no ‘designer’ case for any of the Fairphones, the best you could hope for is a generic waterproof housing, for the beach etc. or heavy rain when attched to a bike’s handle bars.

The soft case however is effective in protecting against drops, it is flexible and takes more impact than a solid case.

By the way this about users ideas on what they want out of the FP5 there are topics that deal with cases and the FP4, so I have asked your query to be moved.

Until then search for such and I will also look and provide links

If a soft case also gives protection against drops, then why are all those expensive cases hard cases?
Are there soft rugged cases?

I feel like I’m missing something.

Anyhow, there are people I know that are reluctant to buy a Fairphone, because it’s not waterproof so a case that helps with that would be very useful for selling the Fairphone.

I haven’t seen many or any hard or expensive cases and the word ‘all’ may only include two or three. :slight_smile:

Which expensive and hard cases are you reffering to?

They all provide for different user tastes

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I like Lifeproof as a brand and the cases they provide have never failed my devices.

I have used their Fre cases in the past, those were waterproof.
As other have done, I also asked them if they were developing a Lifeproof case for the Fairhpone, their response was:

, so we shouldn’t expect them to make a case for a Fairphone case anytime soon.

I am also really sad about not having a reliable case. Used iPhone with lifeproof case for decades and never had any issues after falls, water exposition or disinfection. Fairphone after a bit more than a year has 2 small breaks in the display corners and USB-C connection issues. Despite use of softcase and display protection.

As the USB issue is still under warranty, it would have been cheaper for the fairphone makers to subsidize a proper case.

Maybe the company can initiate a cooperation with a producer of waterproof cases?

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