Is there a good os for blocking ads on android or a safe app that works

been finding it hard to view videos on youtube to meny ads and it got to the stat that it`s just better to use my laptop with a blocker as of that i am looking to degoodgle my phone if possable

What adds are you getting, on what apps.
I’ve never had a single add on a mobile phone since my first in 1996 ??

youtube app is there a way that blocks ads

Try Blokada 5. You can get it on F-droid or directly from their webpage.


i don`t have F-droid ?

Install F-droid via the website - there’s also NewPipe there which is a gratis, Free and Open alternative which does not use Youtube’s API but only parses the website. Completely ad-free.


Yes. I am using the free apps AdAway (for general ad-blocking), YouTube Vanced to kill ads on YouTube, and Instander as an Instagram alternative without aps.

YouTube Vanced and Instander are basically just clones of the original apps, without the ads. AdAway blocks the host addresses of known ads so that they won’t be loaded

If you just dont want to install to many apps, it is also possible to use Youtube in the browser and only install Adaway or Blockada.
If your device is rooted, Adaway is the better choise, as you are able to choose the option for rooted devices on first start of the app. That will save you some battery life.

+1 for Newpipe as a replacement for YouTube. Same content, but no adverts

Blokada 5 (Block annoying and intrusive ads while browsing or in your favourite apps.) - Blokada 5 (ad blocker and privacy app) | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


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