Is there a fixed scheme for the FP updates?

I have a stupid question, is there a fixed scheme for the FP updates?
So, for example, like at Microsoft, who provide an update every second Tuesday of the month?

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No ~ have you not check the history :slight_smile:

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Regardless of that, it would be possible for FP to have a more granular update strategy than saying we release an update once a month.

but they don’t say once a month ?


Check the Marketing :slight_smile:


I don’t trust edits reported to be from sites, nor do I trust translators. I will try and find something similar on the site. Maybe you can post URL’s with quotes etc. :slight_smile:

Ok I see there were updates on

  • 3rd Feb
  • 3rd March
  • 7th April

So you are expecting another within a week, which brings me to the use of the word granular and what you mean by that.

and before that not ‘every’ month

The above doesn’t list all: ~ see


So early 2022 was ok, but only 3 in the last 6 months of 2022
After Yvmuell’s post I searched againa and found another two so 10 out 12

Still I haven’t found your quote and from what I see an OS update every month isn’t on the cards. If they advertised that Oops!

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Same in english:

(Still online)

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So overall the 3 month gap discussed here many times already and caused by the delayed A12 roll-out, else monthly the past year, so not sure what we are talking about (again).

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Thanks for that

“Updates are provided: monthly for the first 2 years, bi-monthly for the 3rd year, and quarterly in years 4 and 5 (until at least October 2026)”

but note that’s on the ‘business’ offer, so either they are not getting it or the general user was never offered that.


Updated earlier post

The OP had a query, which seems as though they want an OS update on the same date every month, so it seems friendly to respond and reasonable to look at what has happened to prompt such a question.

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This was not addressed to you😉

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Ah! Looked like it was :slight_smile:

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