Is there a case available for fairphone 4 which has a belt clip?

Is there a case available for fairphone 4 which has a belt clip ?

I have one for my Samsung (S8+). But of course it doesn’t fit for faiphone 4.

It has :
A protective frame, clipped to the phone
A rubber/silicon layer with good grio/antislip

Both have all necessary holes in the right places
(Slots for sim card, usb card stay covered)

And a carry-case clipped to my belt. The phone + protection clips to the carry-case.
Yes, it adds extra mm’s, but that is not a problem.

Looked around on the 'net, but found nothing.

Has anyone found something?

The request doesn’t come up often here, but here is one suggestion (I don’t know more about it than what is written there):

Thank you. A first look on the photos suggests i will need to modify the camera hole.
Did you have to do that?
Thank you anyway

I found a belt clip case that works. It’s the type I found (in 2012?) for the HTCOne (I think m8).

Comes from some local store with phone cases. I simply asked, and they had this generic one for phones up to 7"
Works for me. It’s no otterbox defender, but for 10€ …

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