Is the support team in Corona lockdown?

Bought my FP2 in January 2019.
For the last month or so I haven’t had any sound from the speaker in the bottom module. Guess I need a new module.
Been asking for help from the support team team 3 times, but have had no response what so ever. What can I do?

maybe you can remove the bottom module, check the contacts and maybe wash/soak/clean with isopropyl alcohol. The speaker/module contacts may be dirty/corroded or the diaphragm stuck. Microphones and speakers at the bottom of the phone will get a bit glued up from vapours from the mouth.
Have you looked at

It dissolves . . . many oils, alkaloids, gums and natural resins.


Hi Ole,

I understand your frustration, a month is long, especially without a microphone.
Maybe @rae could help you with your ticket.

BTW, when you say “3 times”, do you mean you’ve created 3 ticket numbers? If so, please refrain to do so, as it will only slow them even more. The support indeed is really busy, which is why the wait is so long… However, you can try to call them by phone and give them your ticket number to accelerate the procedure.


They are a bit overwhelmed currently because of the release of android 10 and the FP3+, they had a significant increase in requests and are addressing the issue. See here the last support status:

So please avoid contacting them multiple times, it will only make waiting times longer.

How long did you wait? Maybe @rae can help you get in contact.

Edit: Ok, @Antoine was faster again… :wink:


Hi @Ole_Kjeldgaard,

Sorry to hear that. Could you share your support ticket number? That way I can follow up with the customer support team in the morning. :slight_smile:


That might be the problem. Never got at ticket no.

tir. 1. dec. 2020 21.46 skrev Rae via Fairphone Community Forum <>:

have you checked your spam folder?
sometimes the automatic response with the ticket no. gets in there…


Yes nothing there

ons. 2. dec. 2020 13.28 skrev HolosericaCaligo via Fairphone Community Forum <>:

OK, if I get this right, you contacted members / fairphone employees that are active here on the forum?
You might have considered that a shortcut.
In fact it is rather a kind of dead-end street.
This forum is no official support chanel and therefore those Fairphoners active here in the forum do not expect to receive official support requests that way. So it’s less likely, that such a request will be processed like a support ticket.
A ticket number can not be assigned that way as well - of course, as that’s an automated function (or so I guess) on opening an official support ticket by filling out the online form on this page:

There is, at the bottom of the page, an envelope symbol for contacting the support team besides a phone number and a reference to this forum.
Please use the link “Contact the support team” on that page or right here. :wink:

If I misunderstood you and you already used this web-form, please forgive me.
But if you never got a ticket number, just try it again maybe. :+1:
Hopefully you get some help soon.


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