Is the FP3 significantly better than the FP2?

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Known issue. If it happened within 1,5 years after you bought it, you can issue a warranty claim.

Not sure about this one. I’m quoting it because my intention is not to downplay it.

Have you tried #batteryguide?

I’d like to remind people that no smartphone (or even dumbphone) is perfect. If you read reviews, almost all of the smartphones have downsides and bugs.

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Thanks to everyone who replied to this topic. To cut a long story short, this morning I ordered a Fairphone 3. Thanks especially to @brunoenten who put it best, saying:

This was the response I wanted, and needed, really: a recognition of the significant problems the FP2 had, and a confirmation that the FP3 has largely fixed them. I don’t need the best performance phone on the market, I just want one that has been fairly sourced and manufactured without exploitation. I’m ok with paying a premium for that. But I do need a phone that works. Fingers crossed that this is this one! But whatever happens, congrats to Fairphone for making this dream at least possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. With a friends & family €25 discount code, plus the €40 eventual trade-in for my old FP2, this also becomes a significantly more affordable €385 phone.


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it was the same for me, the phone crashed and restarted all the time, lost its mobile signal at least once a week, the camera needed up to 10sec until it could take a picture, the battery sometimes didn’t even had enough power for a day, etc.
So I bought the new FP3.
I’m quite happy with it, it does not have any of the problems of the FP2. It’s slightly bigger, the battery lasts usually for two days and I haven’t seen a single crash since the last two months.
But it has google on it, too bad.

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Until more open OSes might become available for the Fairphone 3 …


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Thanks - I know about that. But I just don’t want to play around for way too much time with the phone, only that it behaves, as it should.
In my perfect dream world, you would have a privacy-friendly phone by default. And if you’d like to have all that google/facebook/whatsapp/andsoon crap on it, you would have to do all the research and playing-around to get all that.
But, since I’m not in politics or in any other group, which can decide about such stuff, I’m afraid I have to live with all these privacy disadvantages. (Until I decide, to work on that topic on a daily or weekly basis with my phone.)

my 2 cnts:
I stuck with FP through the first and second model and through all difficulties. While navigating with google maps my FP1 was often completely off due to the bad GPS chip, while my FP2 was guaranteed to crash at some point. My lowest point was sitting with friends and one of them sees the phone and asks for it.
“How much?”
“525, and that’s 2nd hand already because they sold out”
“Hmm. Can I see?”
“sure, here you go” - and that’s when it crashed again. We all had a good laugh but at the same time this was really testing my patience. Here I was, the idiot do-gooder with his sub-par gadget, proving that green and fair trade IT can only work in the delusional minds of liberals.

Once or twice I met other users by chance and instead of being happy and proud they were often saying “how do you cope?”. True story.

When the FP2’s mic broke down I still had the invoice from the original buyer so I could ask for a replacement. But before I got one I basically got enlisted as 2nd line support and spent hours going through all the mandatory checks that support sent me before they would accept my broken module. With any other company you would just send them the thing and they would figure out what’s wrong with it.

But still I stuck with Fairphone because they are not like any other company and I like what they’re doing, all things considered.
And now I have been rewarded with the FP3 which finally had most kinks ironed out, is relatively affordable and, in my opinion, looks very nice. My only issue after many months of use is the fingerprint sensor and it’s so minor that I haven’t even taken the time to research fixes. Everything else just works. Battery life is great. Navigation is great.

I can finally recommend it without caveats. :slight_smile:


Years ago I would’ve scoffed at a fairphone, but here I am, I think this is a good sign.
I think fingerprint scanner is excellent, make sure to save the fingerprint from many sides as though you were drunk, not just in the middle.


This is exactly my history, but written way more eloquent than I could’ve ever written it. Especially FP3’s battery life is off the chart, but the rest is also fairly decent and it’s fairly priced too. I recommend it to anyone asking about it.