🌱 Is The Fairphone Vegan Too?

Hi. I love my Fairphone 2. I was just wondering if there were any animal products that went into it? If there are no animal products, that’s a pretty cool sell too!!


Well do we count the blood, sweat and tears of the artisans, factory workers and FP employees?
Also I don’t think anyone ever thought about making sure no mules are used for mineral-transportation in small mines…


Sad to say that the Fairphone 2 is not vegan.

As is the case with the biggest part of the Fairphone: we still have to find out where most parts come from and how they are produced or what materials went into the producing.

Just analyzing the little pot of cleaning stuff that is used to finish of the black rim of the smart case, so we know what chemicals are in there and where they come from, takes time and effort.

We do know that in some parts of the Fairphone glue is being used and that glue often contains materials with an animal origin.

But where this glue is exactly produced and what we can do to make this glue producing facility to change to a more animal friendly alternative is still a few steps down the road towards fairer electronics.

I like how Friedman explains this.

(note: I agree with his part about the complexity of products made, not necessarily the conclusion that he derives from it about the free market :wink: )


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Thank you! As is the case when period dramas try to be as authentic and accurate as possible and it attracts critics to point out innacuracies… So does trying to be as ethical as possible in consumerism. There is a fractal branching of where components and materials come from… I think Fair phone does a remarkable job of triage, curing the most egregious injustices first.


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