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the following is the discussion that arose from it:

I also don’t agree with his main statement “there is not a single person in the world who could make this pencil”. Nowadays you can probably make a pencil from 100% recycled materials. It would probably be possible for a single person to fish all necessary materials and even tools out of dumpsters.

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Hm, this is getting off-topic but I do not agree with you, and would even say that you are cheating a little in your argument. :wink:

Recycling might allow one person to make a pencil, but Friedmans point is that all the ingredients also needed to be made. So the materials you are recycling can only exists because thousands of people made them.

Not even talking about who made the dumpsters and the tools you would be using…


Well sure, but then not even mankind as a whole could create such a pencil, because if only naked people floating around in an endless vakuum existed they couldn’t create anything. Everything - not only man made stuff - was created.

But if we are talking less in terms of philosophy and more in terms of marketing, then waste is counted as much as a raw material as the graphite and tree Friedman is talking about in his video.

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