Is new FP2 the same size as 2015 version?

i’m going to buy a universal folio cover for the new FP2. the ones i’ve seen advertised are for the 2015 phone. is the new FP2 the same size?

No, the FP1 has a 4.3 inch screen, the FP2 screen measures 5 inches.

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If by the 2015 model the one that people pre-ordered in 2015 and got in 2016 is meant, then that’s probably the first shipment of FP2s. The ‘new’ one is then presumably the one with the alternative case. The overall dimensions of the original case (still an option when ordering) and the new slim case are nearly the same, but there are some differences in the shape:


Maybe this thread might help:

Would be great if you could share your experiences with new slum covered FP2s there when you have decided for a folio cover.

thanks. i didn’t phrase that well. meant if the FP 2’s were different. appreciate you responding though. jeni

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thanks very much, that helps a lot. found some funky folio cases on ebay that are for the first FP2. think i’ll risk it as they aren’t expensive. wish i could find a fun ethical case though. jeni

For the record: There is no “first” or “second” FP2. There is only “the one” FP2, which has an exchangeable cover: The Regular Cover and the Slim Cover.


thanks that’s really helps.
ebay have some really funky universal folio covers. i would prefer to buy something ethical but can’t find anything idiosyncratic.

thanks Stefan. didn’t know that they were the same size

They aren’t. There is some 0.2 millimeters difference, see New slim back cover .

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thanks very much Stefan. i’ve found some really funky folio covers on ebay that are advertised to fit the 2015 FP2. sadly they aren’t ethical. can’t find any ethical, fun flip/folio cases.

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