Is it possible to solder the internal microphones away?

Hi I, already covered the cameras of my FP2 with black isolation tape.
But its hard to stop the microphones from recieving any usable signal by similar means.

Thats why I wanted to ask if its possible to solder the mircophones off? (I would be using a headset instead)
Has anyone done it before?
Or does the FP-Team know if this has some chance of success(keeping the phone still working?)

I am well aware of the warrenty void.
The skill and the equipment for fine soldering is existing with friends of mine.

[Small correction edit]

Have you had a look inside into the modules? (I’m assuming you are talking about FP2.)

If you can identify the relevant parts, it should be easy enough. I can’t tell you what to expect, but there is a chance that the microphones are not even soldered, but simply screwed into place.

Yes, this is possible. You will have to disassemble the top module and the bottom module and remove the mics from the pcb with a hot air gun. Warranty void warning applies!



Or you search the #marketplace::tag for modules with broken mics.

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Here it is the FP2 teardown:

Removing the microphone module seems to be pretty easy, but it holds a few others important components such the USB and speakers. The microphone should be the tiny black box on the left of the USB port:

Other option could be to remove the hardware driver, it should be somewhere under /system/vendor, but not sure where. Without the driver there’s no way the mic could caption anything (and it would be a reversible option).

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Please note that the FP2 has actually two microphones: One in the bottom module and one in the top module.

Right, didn’t realize that. Do you know in which case is used the top module mic ?

It’s used for noise cancellation during normal calls, and as main microphone during video recordings and conference calls.


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