Is a choice between two installed OS ever going to be an option?

The title basically sums it up already: Are there technical obstacles to installing two OS in parallel on a phone and the option which one to use at a restart (like boot camp on imac with Windows and MacOS)? It would solve a few issues I think: one might want to have the security of a standard, well tested FPOS, while enjoying the privacy options of other OS without the usual risks and tinkering. this might be useful for less techy users, but I don‘t know whether that‘s even feasible.

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I assume its the same as in the FP3


thank you for the link. i take from it that „theoretically yes“, but not in a practical way without expert knowledge.

I would add, if you want to have vanilla FPOS on one of those partitions, that „theoretically yes“ quickly turns into probably not. Android Verified Boot really doesn’t like it if you mess with partitions. You wouldn’t be able to install automatic OTA updates, because the updater expects a specific hash for the partition in the other slot (and overwrites that other slot next).
Besides, you would loose one of the main benefits of having A/B partitions in the first place, automatic rollback if something goes wrong during an update.

I would like multiple bootable systems as well, but the most likely candidates are proper linux systems, something based on postmarketOS, Arch Linux / Manjaro ARM…


I would add the very experimental EFIDroid solution, here the dev topic for FP2, it does sort of work on some old devices, but I think it’s a long forgotten solution due to technical difficulties. Can’t say much more about it though, I don’t know much more about it :wink:


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