Iphone to FP3 - first steps help needed

Hi there,
got my first fairphone here on my desk and it is my first Android phone ever. I’d like to switch over from an Iphone SE. Wondering what to do first after powering the FP up for the first time.
Android offers me to copy data via opening Safari - I’ve gotten this far, haven’t switched SIM cards so far. Bit scared I might lose anything from my old phone in the process.
I have seen that there are tools and strategies that might work too - Smart Switch (only for Samsung?), Dr. Fone, connect both phones via a cable (which I don’t have and am not eager to buy) . What is the best option for me, if I want to migrate as much as possible (maybe including my Whatsapp messages?)
Any step by step help and advise appreciated. :slight_smile:

Best, D

Welcome to the community forum.


Welcome to the forums!

I’d like to add a more general advise not regarding how to switch to Fairphone, but regarding backups, since you mention you are concerned with losing any data from your previous phone.

You want to keep backups regularly anyway, doesn’t matter if you are switching phones or doing anything special, so try to make some time every now and then to backup of your documents, contacts, photos, etc. You can copy them to a hard drive since they are really cheap these days or use a cloud storage service.

I learned that lesson years ago the hard way :cry:

Has anyone else change from an iPhone to an android phone here?

Was it an easy change and were there any weird differences that were/are hard to adapt to?

Find more tips if you Search

Hi and thanks @all,
my migration has been pretty smooth I think, am satisfied. Might have to do with the fact that I basically need to transfer pics - put them on an external harddrive - and my whatsapp chats. Music is on Spotify and pretty much everything else is not that important. Am able to get rid of Icloud now, too. The Whatsapp chats I was only able to transfer by means of a paid tool, but in a 1,5 h thriller I managed to do it. :slight_smile:
Yes, losing one’s data is a nightmare and I am pondering to set up a media server in my flat using either a raspberry pi or my good old fritz box router, which is an old bastard that has lost support ages ago.

There are now some minor things which will even out over time. I am running Linux Mint on my main machine, which I had some connection trouble to the Fairphone first. It is now after going into the USB settings of the Fairphone, showing me most folders, but not my the camera pics. Sure, I’ll find a solution - or the right folder - soon…maybe somebody here has bumped into that one?

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