iodéOS is completely Open Source!

Maybe one or the other was thinking about trying iodéOS for his Fairphone 3(+) or 4. But discarded this because iodé was partially closed source until now. Good news: I am happy that Antoine Maurino and his iodé team have now managed to make iodéOS completely open source! :slightly_smiling_face:

iodé-News, 3rd November 2022:

Earlier today, we released iodéOS 3.3 as beta. We are happy to announce that we are also releasing iodéOS 3.3 as open source software!
From the beginning, we have been strong proponents of open source software and part of our code was open from day one. We are happy to take the next step and completely open source iodéOS.


So what are the advantages of iode as opposed to Calyx or DivestOS?

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The TL;DR version?
LineageOS base for iodé vs. AOSP base for Calyx
Bit more features vs. a bit more rolling release
Oh and iodé shipps an adblocker, while Calyx only has a firewall.

Both of them can / will vastly improve your FP4 experience :smirk:

And DivestOS will get you closer to something like GrapheneOS, if you are after more security at the expense of some comfort.


In the linked topic of @yvmuell is already much written in it. Since then, something has improved with iodéOS.

Child protection functions:

Use of the wide-angle camera:

And in iodé blocker you can now block internet access (wifi, mobile data, VPN) via app.

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same what can be done with dature can made with iode blocker
block each network interface per app or complete network access

I didn’t say iodé has no firewall, I said Calyx only has a firewall :nerd_face:


was no critism, just to clarify more deeply :wink:

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iodéOS 3.3 stable is out now and can be downloaded!

FP3(+) und FP4