Invalid request after trying to order in online shop + strange email

I just tried to order some spare parts in the online shop, but after clicking “place order” I just get redirected to a page that says “Invalid request”.

After trying a few times I got a mail with the subject “Welcome New Fairphone Customers: Please Confirm Subscription”, even though I’m not a new customer:

Please Confirm Subscription

Yes, subscribe me to this list.

If you received this email by mistake, simply delete it. You won’t be subscribed if you don’t click the confirmation link above.

For questions about this list, please contact:

The mail says “this list” twice, but doesn’t explain what kind of list that is. :confused:

@AustrianFairphoners could someone else try to order 2 FP2 batteries and bring them to the 5 Jahres Fest? Thanks.

Do you mean the webshop from Fairphone itself?

Yes, obviously…

You probably don’t have enough Google Social Credits (Wikipedia). :crazy_face:


Have you tried it again today? Store looks fine, I could add two FP2 batteries to my cart without any errors. Which payment option did you choose?

Best wishes, Thomas

Okay nevermind, I found the culprit. The browser addon Temporary Containers blocked information from the FP store to be transferred to the site I get redirected to.
Now it works.

@AustrianFairphoners, I’ll order now as no one else said they did.

PS: Even with all self-protection addons disabled I still got the “Invalid request” message at the end of the whole process, but now I got a confirmation email, so I think it worked. :crossed_fingers:

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