Internet connexion sharing does'nt work with Windows 7


Everything is in the title.
It works with my professional pc (Windows 10) but not working with my personal pc (Windows 7).
Is anyone has the same issue ?


Do you use the WiFi hotspot feature or USB tethering?

And, somewhat off topic, but nevertheless important: Keep in mind that it can be quite risky to use Windows 7 online if you have no subscription for the Extended Security Updates.


I’m using wifi hotspot.
And I’m looking for a new pc to replace the old one…

Can you at least connect to the WiFi? If so, open CMD and try to ping to exclude DNS problems.

If you do nothing but browsing the web and are okay with Libre Office (or already use the web versions of MS Office), just use your current PC and give Ubuntu a try. You can even try it without installation using an USB drive. :innocent:

The Wifi works perfectly.
It’s just wifi hotspot from the phone that doesn’t work.

Yeah, that’s what I meant.

  1. Can you connect to the WiFi hotspot of the phone and don’t have internet access then, try the ping thing.
  2. If you do see the WiFi hotspot but can’t connect, try changing the hotspot security settings from WPA3 to WPA2.
  3. If you don’t even see the phone’s hotspot, I currently have no idea.
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And that’s number 2 !
I changed WPA3 to WPA2 and it’s working.
I suppose Windows 7 doesn’t support WPA3…

Thanks a lot.

Hi @filsdepub

Just as some additional information:
It´s not mainly caused by Win7. It´s rather due to old(er) hardware in your pc/laptop that doesn´t support WPA2.

Optionally you could buy a separate Wifi card or USB WiFi adapter for your device to make it work with WPA3 - but like mentioned above it doesn´t make much sense to do so since Windows 7 is outdated and not secure anymore.

Better buy a new pc/laptop if you already planned it. It will come along with the right & up to date hardware which also supports the more secure WPA3 standards.


Thank you for all this informations.

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