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I just replaced my 2016 FP2 with a brand new FP3+ .
I have a very annoying problem with internet connection, despite the 4g icon with arrows on top. Sometimes I cannot connect to internet, web browser (brave, chrome) and other app like show me “no connection”.

Its solved when I switch on then off airplane mode.

  • SIM card is new (3 months old)
  • Phone is new les than 1 week, and problem is from begining
  • I tried to remove reinsert SIM
  • This problem has never been seen on my old FP2

Is this problem known ? Does anyone have an idea ?

Hi @Psycopyro and welcome to the forum.

I’ve had my phone since Oct 2020, as has my daughter, neither of use have had such a problem.

Which network are you using and can you try a friends SIM especially if it’s on a different network?

So can you still make calls without the on/off aeroplane mode, is it just the internet. If you are not using wifi then I imagine you are using the data ability of your network. If that’s the case then we are looking at the data issue over the network.

I have a similar problem on EE. If I lose signal the phone doesn’t reconnect 4G when the signal reconnects. I haven’t found a solution yet other than to long press the power button and restart the phone. It has improved with updates but still happens if I’m in a spot with no signal for a few minutes. I notice the power drain and the up arrow constantly hit the network but it won’t reconnect without a restart.

First there is a similar issue: Link below

Secondly @Kenny Your problem may be different as @Psycopyro only states there is a loss of data connection not the whole network won’t connect automatically ??

My solution for the FP3+ and a stable Wi-Fi connection to my local router (Vodafone Germany) is the following:

  • the ~2400 MHz network I have set to automatic
  • the ~5000 MHz network on Manuel and on channel 48 (42)

The FP3 then behaves in such a way that it first establishes a connection via 2.4 and after a short time switches to 5 and maintains a stable connection. When switching, there may be a short interruption, but you should not pay any attention to this, so do not immediately switch the FP3 on and off again or take any other action to rectify a non-existent error. So, stay cool.
Out in the wild, i.e. with foreign Wi-Fi networks, I have no experience yet.
I hope this tip helps

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I can confirm the same wifi issue with fp3+ for spusu

Sorry @amoun maybe I misread it but they said they have no internet even though it says 4G and the up arrow is on. I get the same and the reason is because if I lose signal (and reconnect) it reconnects everything but I don’t get any 4G data connection (without a restart.) I restart the phone - instead of turning on airplane mode and then reconnect by turning it off again but I think the principle is the same. There’s no mention of WiFi.

I also misunderstood. @Psycopyro meant mobile network, not WiFi. Both imply internet connection but different technology.
Maybe an app that can measure, test and optimise the signal or at least show the weak point will help you.
A free and ad-free app is for example.
Opensignal Speed Test 5G, 4G & 3G

Indeed, wifi is ok. My problem is with data throught SIM card.

So tests I have done:

Check with another SIM card on another network, seems ok. I haven’t experienced this issue. Test is limited in time, but longer than the bug issuance.

Back to my main SIM card, bug still here, i’m in 4G (weak signal), I can use data for a while surf for instance, then no data, and impossible to do anything on internet. If I switch airplane on/off, it fixes the issue.

Just seems like a poor signal, though you could test that by being in different locations, ideally near a network mast.

Of course the aeroplane mode switches everything off, so may disable NFC, Bluetooth and Wifi .

You could also set the network to 3G only to see if the data is at least constant if slow.

I travelled close to city this week end, and I had the problem with Maps during like 15-20min. Impossible to connect until I switch off/on. I never experienced that before (with my previous phone/SIM), it seems like once signal is gone, it’s impossible to reconnect.

Sorry all out of ideas as I use wifi, given there’s no network while I reside, so I can even test out some options.

Now I don’t say you should put your phone underwater or do what I tell you, but my phone’s wifi got more stable after it accidentally got dropped in a river…AGAIN: DON’T DO WHAT I DID, please!


Tried in a high signal area, problem is still here
Tried SIM in another phone and everything is ok, even in the low signal area.

I’m still in the legal delay to send back phone, so I sent it back :frowning:


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