Internal speaker broken: static noise or barely audible during phone calls

I got my FP2 end of Febuary.
Since the beginning, I noticed that the sound quality during calls was never ideal. But it got worse and worse.

Now, all my phone conversation are really bad, like with bad connection, but always, even if I have full connection.
Most of the time I hear a static noise overlapping the voice of the other person (the other peron can hear me fine most of the time), and sometimes the voice is almost not audible, even if speaker is on highest volume. I have to put on the loud speaker in order to understand anything.

Strangely, the sound quality when playing music, watching videos etc. is completely fine,

I can only conclude that the internal speaker is broken.

I already contacted the support team twice, without any answer so far.
I am just interested if anyone has experienced the same problems and what he/she did about it.


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