Internal speaker automatically deactivates while listening to WhatsApp voice-messages

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Hi everyone, sorry in advance for my bad english – hope you’ll understand me anyway.
I have this issue with the WhatsApp voice-messages: when I listen to them putting the FP3 on my ear, the internal speaker automatically deactivates after exactly 10 seconds, and the sound comes out from the loud speaker.
It feels like the proximity sensor shuts down after 10 secs.
This is just happening with WhatsApp, while Telegram or phone calls work properly.

Do you have any advice?
Thanks for the attention.



I have exactly the same problem. I don’t think that the proximity sensor is being deactivated, because although the sound is heard through the external speaker after ten seconds, the voice message only stops playing when the ear is separated from the phone, at which point the screen turns on again.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen, but when it happens to me once, it keeps happening all the time. I’m not sure if it’s after using headphones or not… :thinking:

WhatsApp also gives me other problems, like frozen screens, or sometimes it changes the notification sound for a much louder and annoying one, which sometimes alternates with the one I have selected by default without any sense. It’s annoying and strange :roll_eyes:

As usuall, these problems are solved with a reboot.

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I have the same problem, audio using headphones just work fine, the only work around is rebooting the device.

I also have this problem, and have to keep pressing play to hear the whole message. Restarting the phone didn’t help for me, though.

Also have the same problem. restarting didn’t work. Should we reinstall WhatsApp?

Same problem here. Reboot didn’t help :frowning:

Did anyone find a fix for the issue of Whatsapp messages deactivating on the internal speaker after 10 seconds and passing to external loudspeaker? Perhaps doing a factory reset?

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It happened to me again recently, but worked again another day. Now I’m not sure if I may have restarted the phone between attempts.

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