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EN: https://qz.com/1332978/10-million-worth-of-cobalt-stolen-from-rotterdam/

NL: https://tweakers.net/nieuws/141187/dieven-stelen-114-ton-kobalt-in-rotterdamse-haven.html

:de: Arbeitet m.E. sehr klar die entscheidenden Unterschiede zwischen FP2 und dem neuen Shiftphone 6m heraus:

Unter anderem: Shift mit aktuellerem Betriebssystem, sehr großem Akku und Gerätepfand, aber halt auch mit schnellerem Generationswechsel. FP2 unübertroffen einfach reparierbar und leichter/handlicher.

:gb: utopia.de compares the new Shiftphone with the FP2 – Shiftphone having the more up-to-date OS, a very high capacity battery and a recycling deposit, but produces new models much more frequently. FP2 unsurpassed in ease of repair and lighter/handier.


Looks nice, also has NFC. Bit large IMO. Did they create their own theme? Those white icons are very nice. Is there such a thing in F-Droid or Play Store as well?

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It’s an article of the Forbes magazine about Bas van Abel and of course the story of Fairphone. It is written in German. I guess most of is already known, but nonetheless it’s a nice read. :sunglasses:


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