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Interesting concept, I suppose a large e-waste footprint though.

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Planet Computers (who made the Gemini PDA) are planning to make a Nokia Communicator clone. Sadly not a fair project, nor modular, but it is a small mobile device with a physical keyboard (and some decent features such as USB-C, NFC, decent camera, …) running Android/Debian/Sailfish out of the box.

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There is already a YouTube video about such a device.



Unfortunately, the Bloomberg article focuses only on the financial benefits and less reliance on DR Congo (instead of improving working conditions and added value there).

What a crappy design let alone the stupid idea of selling e-waste in this careless way. I am having feelings to sue the company producing those items.

There is a rechargeable battery implemented but wasted for only once providing its limited energy (~600mAh). No second thought wasted on eventually investing a few more cents for protection circuitry and maybe an adapter µUSB male -> µUSB male to recharge it for further use. There would not be much more to change.
This in 2018 and in Europe, I am ashamed :confounded:

I would had rather expected such an encounter in a third world country.

“Withstand going through a postal service”

Yes, very thoughtful keeping the CO2 footprint in mind for ridiculous 600mAh.

“It can be recycled up to 500 times”

Yes, but being several times rechargeable by the customer and THEN recycled would be the more ecological way imo.


Power banks with only ~600mAh obviously are not that bulky as we can see here, so what a poor argument.
Btw. I would rather have a cable with plug instead of a broken µUSB port.

For me it’s hard to believe their business model is based on such processes.
I would not touch one of their products of this kind.


Thanks for this imo very negative example, as we all can witness again here - many companies these days still don’t care about their impact as long as the cash flow is satisfactory.


Has anyone ever heard of “Alphonso”?

By random on our German national radio station DLF I heard of an Android (Apps) background monitoring service called Alphonso.

A short search on the net brought me here.

I always expected something worse going on in the background as not all network traffic is purely going directly to Google. Now I know for sure that having too much trust in such devices running stock Android (IOS) is a bad idea.
Seems like every smartphone owner is potentially keeping an Alexa sniffing device.


Interesting article on The Hidden Costs of Cobalt Mining from the journal nature sustainability.

Sad conclusion of this research project:
So, unfortunately, sustainable cobaltmining in the DRC is still a utopia.

Completely off topic:
Interesting to find those two articles in this journal within a few weeks, that seem to be a bit contradictory to each other:

Have not read those either.


A german startup that wants to build an electric car with solar panels on top of it (finally someone who does this, I already thought of that years ago!) features a picture of a Fairphone to showcase their app! :slight_smile:


Someone thought of posting it alread half a year ago: Sono Motors is using a Fairphone 2 to advertise their apps :wink:


Fairphone as a Service is mentioned here


Lol, posted almost simultaneously:

Has anyone else read/heard about this?

It could start a new big discussion in the consumer market.


This is quite cool. Though I’d say all credits go to iFixit. Motorola just promotes a service iFixit already provides for some devices anyway.
And btw, I don’t know if I’d call the difficulty of the screen replacement “moderate”. There are 5 :warning:s in the guide and personally I don’t trust the standard “To reassemble your device, follow the above steps in reverse order.” sentence once disassembly involves melting glue with a heat source.


Same as me, by my past experiences in repairings I tend to say there is a 50/50 chance that the putting back together process simply equals a reverse order.
Each direction is a new experience. But this sentence is much easier and quicker to type than once again take snapshots of what has to be done and explaining more details.
Probably because most people are glad about having (successfully) reached the main goal of applying the fix and then quickly wanting to end all this hassle.

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About Fairphone and Shiftphones


30.000 phones sold since 2014…and there were users here stating that 160.000+ Fairphones since then were noticeable less…:thinking:

Anyway the Shiftphone founders mentioned some very honorable values too:

“We actually own the mold that you need to make this battery, which we use in all our devices. This way, we can make sure you’ll always be able to get a new battery for your phone.”
Great move first of all that there is a generic part and even more as it is the most fragile part due to use.

That independence is important to the duo, who despite interest in their products, refuse to bring in outside investors to grow their company faster. “That is also our promise to our customers,” said Carsten Waldeck, “that we can’t be bought. To assure that we will still be around in 20 years.”

Although they have chosen to take the hard risky way I appreciate this move most.
There were several very interesting ideas and prototypes available in the past which were acquired by wealthy companies or investors just to be dumped or locked up.

I’m afraid that I have to revise my statement from here as we are at least on par with Apple:

Yes - we can!

"Apple, Fairphone make the cut in Greenpeace survey

Greenpeace has issued a fresh report that assesses the environmental impact of the world’s leading technology companies. It said only two firms had made significant strides to lower their environmental footprint. (17.10.2017) "

Taking a look at Apple’s new semi-giga central building I do believe that many trees and other parts of the flora and fauna had to give up their home area. I guess no solar panel or other new technology can compensate for this impact having removed things which has grown in decades.

So I would say that puts Fairphone to the top in this concern.

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It’s probably easy to miss in the blog post about Fairphone turning 5 years old, so here’s a direct link to the brand new Fairphone impact report (PDF, 67 pages)

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